Frequently Asked Questions


What is That Gay Group?
It is a student group for WSU's LGBTQA. (The A in this case stands for our allies.) 

When do you meet?
7:00 pm every Thursday when classes are in session.

Where do you meet?
Rhatigan Student Center 265 (Lucas Room)

Who can come?
Everyone! Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trans, Questioning, and Allies. Both enrolled students and members of the community who aren't enrolled.

What's our purpose?
To provide a safe environment in which members of the LGBT community of WSU, and its allies, can have an opportunity to share experiences, concerns, and ideas.

Why the name, 'That Gay Group!'?
We use the term "gay" as an umbrella word for the LGBTQ community and do not intend for it to signify a group which is exclusively cisgender, male, or homosexual.