TGG E-mail List 

TGG has an e-mail list service which we use to communicate with our members. If you would like to be on that listserv, please send us an e-mail at thatgaygroup@gmail.com or enter your email in the box on the menu on the left of this window.

Some notes about the TGG Listservice:

Your e-mail is private, until and unless you post to the listserv -Only group administrators have access to the membership list, but if you send an email to the listserv, your e-mail address may available / visible to all of its members.

One Way - Our TGG List service goes one way, from us to you. Please feel free to ask questions or make changes to your subscriptions by emailing us at thatgaygroup@gmail.com

Unsubscribe- Our email list service is powered by Google Groups. At the bottom of each message is a link you can click if you choose to unsubscribe. 

Finally, please be careful to type your email address correctly - We can't email you if we don't have the correct contact information.


Messages You May Recieve:

  • TGG Upcoming Events and Reminders
  • TGG Announcements and News

If you have any questions, please contact us.