The resources listed below have proven helpful or interesting to past and present members of That Gay Group. The listing is not, however, comprehensive; and like any other, the LGBTQ community contains within it a wide variety of views and approaches to the subjects it addresses in books and other media. Some of the information and opinions in the works listed below are likely to be controversial, and difficult or offensive for some. We encourage you to explore these resources, to share others that you find on your journey, and to bear in mind that none of the answers offered here are exclusive or conclusive.



Queer Faith and Spirituality



Coming Out Spiritually, by Christian de la Huerta

Is the Homosexual my Neighbor?, by Letha D. Scanzoni

Stranger at the Gate, by Mel White

Things they Never told you in Sunday School: A Primer for Christian Homosexuals, by David Day

What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality, by Daniel A. Helminiak


The Trouble With Islam Today: A Muslim's Call For Reform In Her Faith, by Irshad Manji

Unspeakable Love: Gay And Lesbian Life In The Middle East, by Brian Whitaker



Butch Is A Noun, by S. Bear Bergman

Like Bread On The Seder Plate: Jewish Lesbians And The Transformation Of Tradition, by Rebecca Alpert

Mentsch: On Being Jewish And Queer, by Angela Brown

Nice Jewish Girls: A Lesbian Anthology, ed. Evelyn Torton Beck

Queer Jews,ed. David Schneer and Garth Aviv

Queer Theory And The Jewish Question, ed. Daniel Boyarin et al

The Issue Is Power: Essays on Women, Jews, Violence, and Resistance, by Melanie Kaye-Kantrowitz

Twice Blessed: On Being Lesbian Or Gay And Jewish, ed. Christie Balka and Andy Rose

Wrestling With God And Men: Homosexuality In The Jewish Tradition, by Rabbi Steve Greenberg


Native American Spirituality

Gay Spirit: Myth and Meaning, by Mark Thompson

Living the Spirit: A Gay American Indian Anthology, by Will Roscoe



Documentary Black Is... Black Ain't, dir. Marlon Riggs

Trembling Before G-d, dir. Sandi Simcha Dubowski

For The Bible Tells Me So, dir. Dan Karslake

Transgeneration, dir. Jeremy Simmons

Gendernauts, dir. Monika Treut

Venus Boyz, dir. Gabrielle Baur

Small Town Gay Bar, dir. Malcolm Ingram

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