How do I add or drop a class?

Select Add or Drop Classes using one of the following options. If prompted, select a term from the drop down box and click the Submit button.

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From this screen, you can:

To add a class:

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If this icon and a message displays, it is possible that you will need an electronic signature before continuing. Click here for details.


While attempting to register, did you receive a "You require re-admission prior to registration" message? 

If so, contact the Registrar's Office at 316-978-3055 to reactivate your Academic Record.
  You may not need to re-apply prior to registration.
  1. To add classes directly to your schedule, enter one 5-digit CRN per box (under "CRNs").
    If you do not know the CRNs to add to your schedule, click the Class Search button to Look Up Classes.
  2. Click the Submit Changes button.

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  1. The following screen should display. If you have successfully registered for the class on the Web, it will appear under "Current Schedule."
  2. Verify that the class listed under Current Schedule is the class you wanted to register for.
  3. After you have finished registering for classes, review and print your schedule.

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Did you receive a "Registration Add Errors" message? Refer to Registration Add Errors Glossary for help with error messages.

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JPEG Image (35x35) Registration problems? Look for this question mark in Self Service for online help.
When you are finished adding classes to your schedule, click the back to Student Resources Tab link to return to myWSU.

To drop a class:

  1. Select Add or Drop Classes from the Registration Tools channel.
    (If prompted, select a registration term from the drop down box and click the Submit button.)
  2. Next to the class you wish to drop or withdraw from, select the appropriate option from the Action drop down box.
  3. Click the Submit Changes button.

Note: If you are not allowed to drop any classed listed under Current Schedule, contact the Registrars Office for assistance.

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After clicking on Submit Changes, you will see the changes reflected under "Current Schedule." Classes dropped within the normal Add/Drop period will no longer appear on the current schedule.

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