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WSU 101 – Introduction to the University

WSU 101 is a 3-credit course designed to assist students in transitioning into the first year of college.  Taught through the Office of Student Success, WSU 101 helps students form connections with each other, with faculty, with campus services, and with the institution as a whole. In addition to other course projects, students will create an individualized graduation plan through a collaborative process that involves academic advisors, the course instructor, and peer leaders assigned to the course. Students who take advantage of this opportunity to learn the skills for success in college are more likely to complete their degree programs and to do so in a timely manner.

Goals of WSU 101

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Be connected to faculty members, a peer mentor, fellow students, and the campus in general.
  • Know how to use and develop your personal learning style to maximize academic success.
  • Have increased knowledge of effective techniques and habits for time management, studying, test taking and academic writing, and utilize campus resources when necessary to ensure academic success.
  • Know how and why to join student organizations and participate in campus events.
  • Appreciate the value of diversity in society and know more about interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Know where to locate and how to access the resources WSU provides for students.
  • Have a detailed plan for completing their degree.
  • Explore career options that would be a good fit for their strengths and interests and know how to prepare to be successful in the workforce.
  • Know the basics of personal finance and the do’s and don’ts for using money in college.
  • Be familiar with WSU’s history and traditions
  • Be aware of and practice behaviors that promote health and wellness.
  • Know how to use WSU’s electronic resources, including Library resources, myWSU and Blackboard.

Class Schedules

See the Schedule of Courses for specific information such as class times.

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Peer Leaders in WSU 101

Be a Leader!
Peer Leaders co-facilitate WSU 101 Introduction to the University courses with instructors. You will assist the instructor in providing learning opportunities to connect students with resources on campus, master study skills, and make important decisions in college. You will work with students in class and one-on-one outside of class. Whether you anticipate a future in teaching, management, or doing collaborative projects, this opportunity will give you experience in being a leader.

Make a Difference!
Peer Leaders have the opportunity to influence the lives of freshmen. Whether you spent your first year at WSU at the top of your classes, or you worked hard to overcome challenges to success, you have unique experience to share with new freshmen.

Do you want help others be successful in college? Being a Peer Leader is your opportunity to make your mark on the University.

Build Skills for Your Résumé!
Peer leaders receive exclusive leadership training, gaining credentials that can be applied to many different career tracks. A class will be provided for Peer Leaders to learn communication skills, management techniques, and project management strategies through valuable classroom experiences which can be applied to the Peer Leader role and beyond.

Get with the Program!
If you are interested in being a Peer Leader for the Office of Student Success, email student.success@wichita.edu for application information.

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The Research Behind WSU 101

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