Placement Exams

You can verify if you need to take the Math or English placement exam by reviewing the requirements below. You will need to take the exam if you want to take a higher level class than your current score permits.

If you are enrolling in any Spanish course for the first time at WSU, regardless of level, you will need to take the Spanish placement exam.

After you take the Math or English exams, your scores can be viewed online in your myWSU account; select Banner Self-Service > Student Records > Test Scores. Spanish exam results will display immediately after you complete the test, and you will be able to enroll in the class within 24 hours.

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Testing Options

Online Spanish Exam

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Group Testing for Math Exam

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On-Demand Testing for Math and English Exams

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Sign up for Proctor U testing online

*Pre-enroll instructions for Blackboard placement exams:

Step 1: Login to Blackboard.
Step 2: Scroll down on the Blackboard home page and look for the "Online Placement Exams" module. This module is found in the top, left-hand corner, unless you have modified your login screen.
Step 3: In the "Online Placement Exams" module, click the link for the exam you need and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note: You will not be able to access the placement exam in Blackboard without a proctor, who will input the password at the time the placement exam is administered.