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Staff and Interns

Kim Sandlin, Director
Kim is an alumna of Wichita State and was very active in Greek Life, Student Activities Council and honorary organizations as a student. She has worked at WSU for 15 years in the offices of Admissions, Student Success and now as the director of the Office of Transitions and Orientation. She has a passion working with first year students and introducing them to the possibilities all Shockers have for success.

Shareika Fisher, Program Coordinator
Shareika is an alumna of the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Through her numerous campus activities as a student, she found her passion in helping new students transition into college. In addition to pursuing her master’s degree in higher education; she has worked in the field for four years in a number of offices including admissions, first year experience and now serves as the program coordinator for the Office of Transitions and Orientation.

Regan Lebegue, Intern
Regan is a sophomore majoring in mathematics. She comes from a long line of Shockers and never imagined going anywhere else! When she isn't busy studying, Regan enjoys reading, baking, attending basketball games, and participating with the on-campus group The Navigators. After graduation she plans to get her master's in mathematics with hopes of eventually teaching college-level.

Teresa Moses, Intern
Teresa is a junior majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. She is a first generation returning adult student. Her campus involvement includes: President of STAR (Shocker Transfers and Returners), member of WSU SOC Club and she serves as the transition mentor for Wichita State’s adult learners.

Cassie Hurst, Intern
Cassie is a junior majoring in social work and Spanish and minoring in history. She loves her Shockers and is active on campus as a Kappa Kappa Gamma, a Student Involvement Ambassador and as a member of the Newman Center. She has worked on campus as a Peer Leader and is currently a student caller at the WSU Foundation. After graduation she plans to get her master's in social work with a specialization in management with hopes of working with victims of natural disaster on an international level.

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Transition Mentors

Shamiece BanksShamiece Banks
Junction City, KS
Shamiece believes that the three keys to freshman success are getting involved, developing good study habits, and staying physically active. By addressing their social, academic, and physical needs, new students can easily navigate their first year as college students!
Corey BrenemanCory Breneman
Valley Center, KS
Cory’s advice to new students would be to get to know the school’s technological resources, build relationships with professors, and to take time to enjoy the college experience. By building strong lines of communication via Blackboard, relationships with faculty, and making friends and getting involved, new students will have no problem adjusting to life as Shockers!
Sarah BrillSarah Brill
Newton, KS
English Education
Sarah recommends living on campus as a full-time student and building relationships with professors in order to make the successful transition to WSU. By living on campus, and getting to know their professors, students are able to get involved and feel more connected to the school and their peers.
Shae BrillShea Brill
Newton, KS
English Education
Shea’s tips for a successful transition are to get to know your professors and get involved on campus through clubs and organizations and campus housing. Staying connected, both with faculty and peers is important to making the most out of the college experience!
Jessica CalhounJessica Calhoun
Wichita, KS
Social Work
To get the full Shocker experience is to get involved and make friends! Make study buddies! There will always be that one person who will notice when things are getting difficult for you and they want to help. Let them help! Learn about how to work with different people, even if it's a weakness for you. Save time for fun because that is part of being a college student: explore different cultures, organizations, and whatever else is offered on campus. Remember you are valuable.
Emma CrabtreeEmma Crabtree
Wichita, KS
My advice to incoming Shockers is to be purposeful about your time at Wichita State. This is the time to figure out what makes you passionate and excited and to DO IT! Get involved in organizations that you enjoy, try new things outside your comfort zone, and have a plan of how to get to your graduation with every experience possible! Have fun!
Tiffany LakeTiffany Lake
Wichita, KS
My advice to new Shockers is to go to class, get involved, ask questions, manage your time, and  find your passion. At Wichita State there many opportunities to get involved through our 200+ student organizations, gain new experiences, and grow overall as a person and scholar. Managing your time and getting involved are very important in order to get the most out of your college experience! I would also like new Shockers to know that it's okay to change your major or to not have a major coming to Wichita State. As a Freshman I came to Wichita State thinking that I knew what I wanted to do, but after taking a few classes outside of my intended major I was able to find my passion! To me, finding your passion is the most important because the more passionate you are about your major the more successful you will be! GO SHOX!
Maha MadiMaha Madi
Wichita, KS
My advice to incoming Shockers would be to get out of your comfort zone and be sure to get involved on campus. College is a time to explore new hobbies and take classes that you would have never thought to take. Getting involved on campus helps you become immersed in student life at Wichita State and helps you connect with other students who are just like you. Trying new things and getting involved on campus are great ways to enjoy the Shocker Experience.
Teresa MosesTeresa Moses
Ponca City, OK
My advice for non-traditional and traditional incoming Shockers is to remember when times are tough, whether it is your first semester or your last, the reason you made the decision to attain a college degree usually doesn't change. Focus on that and go forward to reach your goal.
Shayla MeyerShayla Meyer
Rose Hill, KS
Shayla recommends going to class every day, making a friend in every class, and getting involved in order to get the most out of the Shocker experience! Staying on top of class information by attending every day and having a partner to study with will aid in academic success and getting involved will help students feel connected to their Shocker family!
Sarah NelsonSarah Nelson
Wichita, KS
Sarah’s advice for new students is to go to class, get involved, and have fun! Going to class will pay off when grades are posted and joining a club or attending a sporting event will make you feel like a part of the school!
Justin NolanJustin Nolan
San Antonio, TX
Justin believes that a good support system and taking advantage of WSU 101 are the keys to a successful transition to college life. Family and friends can be a great asset in navigating new experiences and peer leaders can point to resources specific to Wichita State. WSU 101 can also be a huge help when talking about study methods, time management, and ways to get involved on campus!
Nicholas RiesNicholas Ries
Wichita, KS
Nicholas recommends making class a priority, getting involved, and most importantly, making friends. Paying attention in class and getting involved will help students get the most out of their Shocker experience and having good friends for motivation and encouragement will make both easier!
Grace SiroisGrace Sirois
Greensburg, KS
Grace’s keys to success as a Shocker freshman are to get involved, have fun, and learn to manage time. Getting involved helps students feel connected to campus and enhances the college experience and successful time management will allow students to have fun and excel in class!
Marissa WestMarissa West
Wichita, KS
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Marissa’s tips for freshman include getting involved, learning time management skills and utilizing services offered to students. By getting involved, students feel connected, and time management skills and knowing what resources are available make it easy to balance multiple interests!
Courtney WilliamsCourtney Williams
Topeka, KS
Criminal Justice
Courtney believes that getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to make a successful transition to WSU. Getting involved and asking questions will create many opportunities!
Tanner WilsonTanner Wilson
Benton, KS
Tanner recommends utilizing available resources and making connections on campus to students wanting to make the most of their time as Shockers. Knowing who to ask when students need help, from professors to various student success offices on campus, will help them stay on top of classes and getting involved will help students feel connected to their peers.
Alex ZeorlinAlex Zeorlin
Wichita, KS
Forensic Science
Alex’s keys to success as a Shocker are to connect with others on campus, through campus housing and student organizations, and to develop good study habits. Academic success will allow for a better college experience!

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