Non-Degree Bound Students

Wichita State University admits non-degree students who have special interests in college credit work but no immediate degree objectives at Wichita State.

All students entering Wichita State for the first time must submit:

  • an application for admission
  • a non-refundable $40 application fee
  • and all but special, open-admission students must have transcripts of all high school and/or college work sent directly to Wichita State. Failure to report all schools attended will result in dismissal. Find out more about how WSU accepts official transcripts.

Certain academic colleges within Wichita State require students to meet a minimum GPA for admission to their colleges. The School of Business requires that incoming students have a minimum 2.25 GPA, and the College of Education requires a minimum 2.50 GPA. The College of Health Professions has GPA requirements that vary depending on major.

Open Admission

Students who are looking to take up to 15 credit hours and meet ONE of the following criteria may be an open non-degreeadmit:

  • Graduated from high school and have not attended any accredited school for two years, OR
  • Not graduated from high school, are at least 21 years of age and have not attended school for two years, OR
  • Currently on active military duty, OR
  • Obtained a baccalaureate degree or higher

Students under open admission may NOT receive financial aid.

Non-Degree Admission Students

Students who do not want to be degree-bound and who do not meet the requirements for college guest or open admission, can apply for non-degree admission. To be admitted as a non-degree student, students must meet the appropriate degree-bound requirements according to their academic history. See degree-bound admission requirements.

Students under non-degree bound admission may NOT receive financial aid.

Currently, enrolled non-degree-bound students who wish to become degree bound must apply for degree-bound admission at wichita.edu/apply.