Martin Bauer, Chair. Members: Tammy J. Allen, Mickey Armstrong, Ted Ayres, Clark Bastian, Nancy Brammer, Linda Brantner, Robert Bubp, Alan Fearey, Curt Gridley, Judy Hess, Sangeeta Khicha, Ed Lincoln, George Lucas, Nancy Michaelis, Bill Moore, Mike Roach, Courtney Rogers, Shoko Sevart, Lee Starkel, Georgia Stevens, Janice Van Sickle, Honorary: Jacque Kouri, Ex-Officio: Paul Allen, Dr. Elizabeth H. King, Dr. Rodney Miller, Kate Van Steenhuyse, Dr. Anthony Vizzini, Bob Workman


Kate Van Steenhuyse, president. Members: Pam Bjork, Lindsey Herkommer DeVries, Genevieve Gordon Farha, Ruthie Gillespie, Patrick Habkirk, Robin Henry, Bethany Janssen, Anna Kelley, Sangeeta Khicha, Ruth Ann Martin, Gretchen Postiglione, Lee Starkel, Trish VanOsdel, Kent Williams. Ex-Officio: Martin Bauer, Bob Workman



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