Joan Miro's masterpiece Personnages Oiseaux mural reinstalled at at Wichita State University

Artdaily, 11/9/2016

How Miró’s Only Mosaic Mural Was Restored

Arts Journal, 11/8/2016

Miró‘s Only Marble and Glass Mural Is Restored

Hyperallergic, 11/7/2016

Coded_Couture opens at Ulrich Museum

art&education, art& 9/8/2016

Graphic design professor Laura Scholl blends light and music with WSU Impulse Percussion

Newman Today, 10/27/2016

Welcoming Miró home

The Wichita Eagle, 10/21/2016

Restoring The Miró Mosaic Mural: A Look Behind The Scenes

kmuw Wichita 89.1, 10/19/2016

Conservator To Discuss Restoration Of Miró Mural 'Personnages Oiseaux'

kmuw Wichita 89.1, 10/19/2016

Smithsonian magazine Museum Day Live! 

Smithsonian Magazine,

Fashion meets technology in new Ulrich exhibit

The Sunflower, 9/12/2016

Miro Mural to Return to WSU’s Ulrich Museum After Five-year Restoration

The Community Voice, 9/14/2016

Fashion meets technology in new Ulrich exhibit

Style Tech News, 9/12/2016

Coded_Couture Opens at Ulrich Museum of Art

360 Wichita, 9/9/2016

Restored Joan Miró mural returns to Ulrich Museum

Art&education, art&

Grid Corrections: Rural Detours Reflect Curvature of the Earth

Web Urbanist, 9/2/2016

What happens when the grid meets the curvature of the Earth?

Unique and Funny, 6/28/2016

Kansas’ Streets Are All Goofy Since Mother nature Always Pwns Logic

Solid Tech News, 4/28/2016

Kansas’ Roads Are All Goofy Because Nature Always Pwns Logic

Wired, 4/28/2016

How Gordon Parks’ Photographs Implored White America to See Black Humanity

Time, 4/8/2016

Exhibit | Visual Justice: The Gordon Parks Photography Collection at WSU

Crave, 2/25/2016

Honoring the Legacy of Gordon Parks

Arts Council, 2/19/2016

Grid Corrections

An Architectures, 2/16/2016

3 Wichita exhibits offer ‘deep dive’ into Gordon Parks’ work (+video)

The Wichita Eagle, 1/29/2016

Gordon Parks: A Celebration of Life and Work

kmuw Wichita 89.1, 1/20/2016

Visual Justice at the Ulrich Museum provides an unflinching and memorable look at America

Liberty Press,


What Happens When The Grid Meets The Curvature of The Earth?

Amusing Planet, 12/14/2015

Grid Corrections

BLDGBLOG, 12/11/2015

Gerco de Ruijter / On the Grid at Ulrich Museum

Dutch Culture USA, 7/28/2015

SADCI, Ulrich present 20th Faculty Biennial

The Sunflower, 4/27/2015

Amusing Race allows participants to see different side of campus

The Sunflower, 4/2/2015

Wichita State dedicates first student sculpture 

KSN, 4/23/2015

Sculpture Guild unveils Peace Pole Project

The Sunflower, 4/22/2015

Evan Roth, Slide to Unlock


Evan Roth, Taxonomy of Grafitti


Evan Roth, Propulsion Paintings, 2013. Dimensions variable.

Visual arts 2015: Five can’t-miss exhibits in Wichita

Wichita Eagle, 12/31/2014

Art: Looking Forward To A Colorful 2015

KMUW Wichita Public Radio, 01/07/2015

The Intersection Of Technology, Graffiti And Gallery Art

KMUW Wichita Public Radio, 01/21/2015

Roth's art of misuse

F5, 01/22/2015

Evan Roth exhibit opens at Ulrich

Wichita Eagle, 01/23/2015

Ulrich presents new spring exhibits

The Sunflower, 01/26/2015


Conner Installation

Bruce Conner: Somebody Else's Prints at the Ulrich Museum of Art, 10/7/14

Indie at the Orpheum

Tallgrass Film Association,

Equinox Light Party

Equinox Light Party summons art lovers

The Sunflower, 9/22/14

Bruce Conner, Bombhead, 2002/1989. Pigment on RC photo and Somerset paper, acrylic, 32 x 25 in. Courtesy Magnolia Editions, Oakland, CA.

Exhibition Celebrates 60 Years Of Bruce Conner's Print Works

KMUW, 89.1 FM, 9/17/14

WAM, Dreamers Awake

Art Review: 'Millie' And 'Dreamers Awake' Greet Museum Visitors In Different Ways

KMUW, 89.1 FM, 9/3/14

Bruce Conner, Bombhead, 2002/1989. Pigment on RC photo and Somerset paper, acrylic, 32 x 25 in. Courtesy Magnolia Editions, Oakland, CA.

Mac native to have Ulrich Museum of Art exhibit

McPherson Sentinel, 8/22/14

The Cherokee Maidens

Cherokee Maidens bring record high turnout to summer series

The Sunflower, 8/15/14

Art In America, August 2014 cover

Museum Preview: Contemporary Indian Photography

Art in America, 8/14

15 Secrets of Wichita

15 Secrets in Wichita You Didn't Know Existed, 8/13/14

Lisa Solomon, Sen, 1000 Doilies

A Dazzling Spectrum of Floating Color

KMUW, 89.1 FM, 7/23/14

Ellis Paul on keyboard

Ellis Paul performs Art For Your Ears

The Sunflower, 7/16/14

Ellis Paul on guitar

Art For Your Ears features Ellis Paul

The Sunflower, 7/11/14

Lisa Solomon, One Doily

Ulrich artist-in-residence to create installation of 1,000 doilies

The Wichita Eagle, 7/10/14

Ellis Paul, on piano

Ulrich brings Art For Your Ears

The Sunflower, 7/9/14

Lisa Solomon, Doilies, Whole

Upcoming events: 'Wisteria and Wine' at Botanica, music and art at the Ulrich, 'Three Little Pigs' at Wichita Children's Theatre

The Wichita Eagle, 7/1/14

Ruth and Scott Martin, at the Ulrich Museum of Art

Celebrating An Art Lover

KMUW, 89.1 FM, 6/11/14

Darden Smith

Art for Your Ears

The Sunflower, 6/4/14

Jessy Clonts discusses painting by Radcliffe Bailey

Ulrich exhibit celebrates 40 years of history

The Sunflower, 5/1/14

The Bridge Club perform at the Ulrich Museum of Art at SPRING CELEBRATION: 40 Years!

Experiencing 'The Bridge Club'

KMUW 89.1 FM, 4/30/14

Gordon Parks, 1983

Ulrich Museum of Art is turning 40

The Wichita Eagle, 4/26/2014

Gordon Parks, 1983

Ulrich doubles down on 40th

F5 Wichita, 4/24/14

Stephanie Syjuco, FREE TEXTS

Is 'Free' Really Free?

KMUW 89.1 FM, 4/16/14

Artist Louise Nevelson

Spring Celebration at the Ulrich Museum: 40 Years!

Wichita on the Cheap, 4/15/14

Richard Ross, Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center, Caldwell, Idaho, 2, 2010.

Fotos y testimonios de niños y adolescentes en centros de detención estado unidenses

20 Minutos (Spain), 4/12/14

WSU senior Cortland Mahoney (left) practices Music of the Munes with his ensemble

Art meets sound in music student's composition

The Sunflower, 4/10/14

Ulrich Museum of Art, exterior, Miro

Wichita’s 10 Contemporary Art Galleries You Should Visit

The Culture Trip, 4/4/14

Russell-Marti Conservation Services working on conservation of the Joan Miro mosaic, Personnages Oiseaux (Bird People).

Miró's face-lift still under way

The Sunflower, 3/26/14

Kids For Cash movie poster

Ulrich to screen prison corruption documentary

The Sunflower, 3/3/14

Photo collage of Juvenile In Justice exhibition by KMUW 89.1

Behind 'Juvenile In Justice': A Discussion with Photographer Richard Ross

KMUW 89.1 FM, 2/28/14

Gordon Parks, Muhammad Ali Boxing, Miami Florida, 1961.

WSU acquires 125 Gordon Parks photos

The Sunflower, 3/23/14

Winter2014 exhibitions

Ulrich Museum

The Weekend Crew, KSCW-TV, 2/21/14

Bob Workman and Marianne Marti of Russell-Marti conservation look at a panel of the Miro mosaic

Restoration of Wichita State's Miro mosaic is 'worth the wait'

Wichita State University news, 2/20/14

Richard Ross, Douglas County Juvenile Detention Center, Olathe, Kansas, 2, 2013.

Juvenile In Justice feature

Impact, KPTS-TV, 2/13/14

Gordon Parks, Muhammad Ali Boxing, Miami, Florida, 1966

Wichita State’s Ulrich Museum acquires 125 Gordon Parks photographs

The Wichita Eagle, 2/8/14

Richard Ross Artist Talk

Juvenile detention photographer speaks in Ulrich

The Sunflower, 2/7/14

Wichita State’s Ulrich Museum acquires 125 Gordon Parks photographs

The Wichita Eagle, 2/7/14

Richard Ross, Southwest Idaho, Caldwell County, Idaho, 2, 2010.

'Juvenile' A Powerful Look At Forgotten Children

KMUW 89.1 FM, 2/5/14

Human Trafficking panel raises awareness_The Sunflower

Human trafficking panel raises awareness

The Sunflower, 1/29/14

Richard Ross, Blessed, 2010.

Juvenile In Justice exhibition

KSN-TV, 1/24/14

Richard Ross, Orleans Parish Prison, 1, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2010.

Impact: Juvenile In Justice

Impact, KPTS-TV, 1/24/14

Richard Ross, Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility, Wichita, Kansas, 1, 2013.

'Juvenile In Justice' provides picture of incarcerated youth

The Wichita Eagle, 1/24/14

Richard Ross, Southwest Caldwell Idaho Juvenile Detention Center, Caldwell, Idaho, 3, 2010.

Juvenile justice?

F5 Wichita, 1/23/14

Type stirs up talk in Ulrich gallery_The Sunflower

Type stirs up talk in Ulrich gallery

The Sunflower, 1/23/14

Andy Goldsworthy, Wichita Arch, 2004.

'Wichita Arch' Is A Living Work Of Art

KMUW 89.1 FM, 1/22/14

Frederick J. Waugh, Original Illustration for The Clan of Munes: the Wizard dressed in his Indian finery, from the series [The Clan of] Munes: Original Drawings, 1916.

ART: Looking Forward To 2014

KMUW 89.1 FM, 1/8/14








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