We Wish To Inform You That We Didn't Know

January 22 - March 27, 2011
Amsden Gallery


Chilean-born architect, photographer and filmmaker Alfredo Jaar creates works of art that bear witness to the tragedies of war, famine, genocide, poverty and political corruption. Often described as "extended meditations or elegies," his projects grow out of dedicated research and conviction. Ever different in medium and style, each of his projects offers a stirring, lyrical beauty that acts as a foil to draw viewers to a deeper engagement with troubling subjects and moral considerations.

A signature effort by Jaar is The Rwanda Project, 1994–2000, a series of more than 20 different works that respond to widespread indifference as genocide tore apart the African country of Rwanda in 1994 and claimed approximately 1 million lives. His most recent video work, We Wish to Inform You That We Didn’t Know, takes Jaar back to Rwanda. In it, he compellingly weaves together audio clips from Rwandan radio announcements as the 1994 terror began, television news coverage of President Clinton's apology address to Rwandans in 1998, interviews with survivors, haunting footage of memorial sites and emotionally rich music. Filled with beauty that runs counter to its unsettling topic, the video functions as an eloquent reminder of a preventable tragedy and a call to be ever attentive to, and responsible for, the world in which we live.

We Wish to Inform You That We Didn't Know was commissioned by the University of Connecticut and debuted there last year.

BUZZ-WORTHY ART TALK: Alfredo Jaar, It is Difficult

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Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar, 'We Wish To Inform You That We Didn't Know'
Alfredo Jaar, 'We Wish To Inform You That We Didn't Know'

Alfredo Jaar, 2006

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