Ulrich Museum 2017 Events

All Ulrich events are free, open to the public, and located at the museum, unless noted otherwise.



Tuesday, March 7
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6 P.M. Program
DR. RODNEY MILLER: Applied Learning in the 21St Century— The Transformation of the College of Fine Arts

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Several factors have impacted student learning in the 21st Century. Technology, the internet, changing concepts about how we process information, and emerging concepts surrounding artificial intelligence have combined with an increasing acknowledgement of the role creativity and collaboration play to create a pedagogy unique to our time. How does this impact the arts and how we teach them to future artists? The answer, in part, is applied learning and student-driven exploration and collaboration, concepts that are actually as old as art itself.

Thursday, March 9
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6 P.M. Reading
Free Admission | Public Welcome

We are delighted to welcome to campus the director of the famous Iowa Writer’s Workshop, Lan Samantha Chang, who has received many of the most esteemed fellowships for writers, including awards from Stanford, the Guggenheim Foundation, the Radcliffe Institute, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Her award-winning story collection Hunger was described by the New York Times as “a taut, incisive study of Chinese immigrants in America and their almost wordless struggle to adapt to a new life,” while her novel Inheritance is a love story that spans almost a century, from China to Taiwan to America. Meanwhile, her most recent novel, All Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost, is set within a prestigious, fictional creative writing program in the Midwest.

Writing Now/Reading Now is co-sponsored with the WSU Department of English, Watermark Books and Cafe, and the Ulrich Museum of Art.

Wednesday, March 15
10 A.M. Refreshments | 10:30 A.M. Program

In the Right Place at the Right Time
Free Admission | Public Welcome
WSU alumni Dane Jones is an interdisciplinary artist with ties to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art practice. Jones earned a B.F.A. in Sculpture from Emporia State University in 2005 and an M.F.A. in Printmaking from Wichita State University in 2009. Jones has been an adjunct instructor at Newman University and WSU in sculpture and printmaking, as well as a visiting artist at Midland College in Midland, Texas.

Tuesday, March 28
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6 P.M. Reading
Free Admission | Public Welcome

How many poets have gone viral on the internet or amassed 59,000 Twitter followers? Not many. And how many of them have simultaneously achieved widespread critical acclaim? Fewer still. Lastly, how many write poems that freshly illuminate the Father and Mother of American poetry (Dickinson and Whitman) with a bawdy gurl-esque embrace of “tit-pics” as a central metaphor? Only the absolutely unique Patricia Lockwood, whose reading you won’t want to miss. As The New Yorker said, “her sexual-political target is all manner of straight-male privilege, every objectifier and braggart, whom she outflanks on both counts...[with] a genius for writing in the language of vulgar misogyny as she speaks to its absurdity.” Lockwood is the author of two poetry collections, including Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals, a New York Times Notable Book, and Priestdaddy, a forthcoming memoir.

Writing Now/Reading Now is co-sponsored with the WSU Department of English, Watermark Books and Cafe, and the Ulrich Museum of Art.


Thursday, April 6
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6:15 P.M. Program
The Art Library of the Art Museum

As Chief of Library for the Museum of Modern Art, New York City, Hughston has been central to defining the role of the art library and its associated archives in support of MoMA’s research goals. To expand the Library’s impact, Hughston helped create the Library Council to promote the research resources of MoMA through a membership program and publication of artist books in a series called Contemporary Editions. Hughston will share this vision of the art museum library in the context of the contemporary art museum.
This event is limited to Ulrich Salon Circle members, learn more about Salon Circle and how you can join.

Saturday, April 8
1–4 P.M.
FAMILY FUN DAY: Comic Relief
Comic book inspired printmaking

Free Admission | Public Welcome
The Ulrich Museum is joining forces with the WSU printmaking guild, Tornado Alley Press, for an afternoon of comic book inspired printmaking activities designed for all ages. Bring the whole family to explore the diverse art of printmaking, from screen printing t-shirts to watching a steamroller print hand-carved 4 x 8 ft. wood blocks! Come dressed as your favorite comic book character and receive a mystery prize!

Thursday, April 13
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6 P.M. Reading

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Rarely is our campus graced with such an eminent visitor from the world of letters as Robin Coste Lewis, the winner of last year’s National Book Award in Poetry. Her stunning debut collection, Voyage of the Sable Venus, is “a meditation on the black female figure throughout time.” Bookended by virtuosic poems of lyric autobiography, the center poem is an epic narrative comprised solely of “the titles, catalog entries, or exhibit descriptions of Western art objects in which a black female is present, dating from 38,000 BCE to the present.” Lewis masterfully arranges this language to create a narrative of the horror and insanity of the racialized imagination, a story of white pathology as much as black oppression. No discussion of race in Western civilization will again be complete without this groundbreaking work. Lewis is the Distinguished Visiting Poet this Spring in the MFA program in Creative Writing at Wichita State.

Writing Now/Reading Now is co-sponsored with the WSU Department of English, Watermark Books and Cafe, and the Ulrich Museum of Art.

Friday, April 14
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6 P.M. Talk
The Secret of the Midnight Shadow and Other Secrets

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Toronto based artist Daryl Vocat will discuss recurring themes of sexuality, masculinity, and subculture in both his practice and in the Ulrich Underground exhibition The Secret of the Midnight Shadow—a fantastical world in which a pop-up book springs to life through manipulated and redrawn figures from Boy Scout illustrations. Vocat received a Master of Fine Arts degree from York University in Toronto and his work has been acquired by the New York Public Library Print Collection, National Gallery of Canada Library and Archives, The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop NYC, the Helen Belkin Art Gallery in British Columbia, and the Saskatchewan Arts Council, among others.

Wednesday, April 19
10 A.M. Refreshments | 10:30 A.M. Program

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Please join the executive director of Arts Partners Wichita, Aimee Geist, for an inspiring discussion on the impact Arts Partners and their team of teaching artists have on the creative development of young students in the classroom. Aimee Geist is a graduate of Wichita State University and former Curator of Education for the Ulrich Museum of Art. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Kansas Art Education Association 2012 Museum Educator of the Year award; Wichita Arts Council 2013 Educator of the Year award; and the WSU 2013 Presidential Distinguished Service award.

Thursday, April 20
9 A.M.–2 P.M.
Sedgwick County Zoo, 5555 W. Zoo Blvd.

Conservation to recycling. Green schools to carbon footprints. The global becomes local as Ulrich Museum volunteers join more than 6,000 children and other organizations to celebrate the 18th annual Earth Day at the Sedgwick County Zoo. Meritrust and Black Hills Energy sponsor free admission. Ulrich Museum brings a great make-it/take-it art project inspired by the green effort. It’s our planet. Let’s take good care of it. To volunteer with the Ulrich for this event, contact Carolyn Copple, Membership and Special Events Manager at (316) 978-6646 or email carolyn.copple@wichita.edu.

Saturday, April 22
7–9 P.M.
PATRICK DUEGAW: Pierced by Dogma

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Melodrama, spectacle, and whimsical performance add to the excitement of our spring opening. Patrick Duegaw, an icon of the Wichita art scene and co-founder of the art co-op Fisch Haus, celebrates his current collection of work Pierced by Dogma. The collision of primal and proper are tested throughout the evening. Join us for this fun filled evening celebrating our spring suite of exhibitions. Free and open to the public. To make a reservation, call (316) 978-3664 or email ulrich@wichita.edu.

Thursday, April 27

Free Admission | Public Welcome
New York-based artist Mary Walling Blackburn is the first in a series of artists invited to respond to the Ulrich Museum’s vast holdings of works by Charles M. Grafly with the Ulrich exhibition x.y.z. Blackburn is the founder of the Anhoek School, Brooklyn NY and WMYN, a pirate feminist radio station. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including Centre Pompidou, Paris; SculptureCenter, New York; the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York; the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College; Tate Modern, London; 1 a space, Kowloon, Hong Kong; the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas at Austin; the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco; and the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Friday, April 28
5–7 P.M.
SPRING FLING: Gallery Exploration

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Final Friday at your doorstep. Kick-off your weekend with a visit to the Ulrich galleries, catching our newest exhibits, hang out on the terrace and enjoy the view of our beloved mural Personnages Oiseaux—and still be downtown as the Final Friday action begins. Free and open to the public.

Sunday, April 30
WRITING NOW/READING NOW: MFA 2017 Graduation Reading

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Please join us for our final reading of the year as we honor Wichita State’s 2017 Graduating class of MFA Creative Writing Students. Fiction Writers Kayla Haas, Abraham Fitzpatrick, and Benjamin Hojem, and poets Johnna Crawford and Jeremy Richard will read selections from the work they’ve developed over their tenure at Wichita State.
Writing Now/Reading Now is co-sponsored with the WSU Department of English, Watermark Books and Cafe?, and the Ulrich Museum of Art.


Tuesday, May 2
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6:15 P.M. Program

The View as a Book Artist 
Internationally known for his leadership in establishing the artist’s book as a fine art medium, Chicago-based artist Brad Freeman has brought wide recognition to the Center for Book, Paper & Print at Columbia College Chicago. He is also Founder and Editor of the Journal for Artists’ Books, a platform for the serious study of artist’s books through reviews, critical and theoretical studies and commentary. Freeman is also a highly accomplished offset printer and oversees the Center’s world-class studios. His Ulrich presentation will include a first-hand look at some of his own artist books.

This event is limited to Ulrich Salon Circle members, learn more about Salon Circle and how you can join.

Thursday, May 4
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6 P.M. Talk
In Conversation

Free Admission | Public Welcome
In this exchange artist Robert Pruitt and Sally Frater, Ulrich Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, will discuss some of the recurring themes that the artist has explored in his work to date and that emerge in Benediction, his exhibition of large-scale drawings at the Ulrich Museum of Art. In addition, they will also discuss the points of intersection and divergence between their respective artistic and curatorial practices in relation to themes of identity, representation, imagination, and Blackness.

Friday, May 5
5:30 P.M. Reception | 6 P.M. Program
The Innumerable Anxieties With original music by Dr. Mark Foley and Dan Racer

Free Admission | Public Welcome
The Innumerable Anxieties is a series of paintings by Patrick Duegaw, portraying humorously nightmarish figures engaged in a myriad of circus-like spectacles; allegorical images illustrating neither Deadly Sins, nor Heavenly Virtues, but instead the seemingly infinite, and uniquely personal, incarnations of mankind’s anxiety. Duegaw will discuss living in warehouses, bank robbery, a fear of fire, and the role anxiety plays in his work interspersed with two original compositions informed by Pierced by Dogma, written and performed by Dr. Mark Foley, Professor of Double Bass, Electric Bass, and Music Theory and Director of Jazz Studies at Wichita State University, and Dan Racer, Assistant Professor of Music at Friends University.

Wednesday, May 17
10 A.M. Refreshments | 10:30 A.M. Program
SENIOR WEDNESDAY: The 2017 MFA Candidates

Free Admission | Public Welcome
Join us for a celebration of the 2017 MFA Graduates in the WSU School of Art, Design and Creative Industries and learn about their individual artistic practices at the culmination and successful completion of the intensive and immersive WSU MFA program.

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