Unclassified Professional (UP) senate elections are held each spring.  Eligible staff are encouraged to nominate their peers for service on the senate, which exists to represent and give UPs a voice on campus.

Voting eligible UPs will receive emails with instructions on completing the nomination and voting processes. All nominations are subject to approval by the nominee before being added to the final ballot. Elected senators serve a two-year term.  At-large senators will serve a one-year term.

UP Senate Election Process
November-December: Review Senate roster to determine number of seats to fill for next election.

February: Generate roster of UP employees for upcoming nomination process.

March: Send out call for nominations and confirm nominees accept nomination.

April: Election voting, confirmation and communication of winning nominees.

May: Senate votes for at-large senate seats.

2017 Election Timeline
  Start Date End Date
Call for nominations 3/6/2017 3/17/2017
Nominees accept or decline 3/20/2017 3/30/2017
Election voting 4/3/2017 4/14/2017
Confirmation of new senators 4/17/2017  
Selection of at-large seats 5/16/2017