President's Award for Distinguished Service by Unclassified Professionals

 Each year the WSU community is invited to submit nominations of outstanding Unclassified Professional (UP) employees for the President’s Award for Distinguished Service.  These awards recognize the dedication and excellence of UP employees who go above and beyond in exemplifying one or more of WSU Strategic Values.  Selected honorees are recognized at the annual Shocker Pride Celebration.

To nominate a deserving UP employee, start by reviewing the nomination rules and process listed below. Complete and submit a nomination form for eligible employees.  Deadline for the 2018 Awards is January 31, 2018 by 5:00 pm.

Download the Nomination form and instructions. 

Nomination Rules and Processes:

  • To be eligible, an individual should have a minimum of 3 years of service at WSU and have at least a 0.5-time appointment as an Unclassified Professional.
  • The nomination should clearly illustrate the significant accomplishments / services exhibited by the nominee and how that action has moved the university forward.
  • Contributions beyond the department and expected duties and responsibilities of the position will receive added weight.
  • Nominators can include information about service to the WSU community as well as service to the Wichita community; each service type should be detailed separately. More weight will be given to activities serving the WSU community, but both will be considered.
  • Nominations should include specific examples of how the nominee has exemplified at least one of the six values
  • Additional letters of support are not required, but may be included if complete by the submission deadline.
  • A total of four awardees will be selected each year (this is dependent on receiving at least four nominees).
  • All nominees will be sent to the President who will select the Wayne Carlisle recipient from the four semi-finalists.
  • Each year begins a new process. People who have been previously nominated but have not won an award may be nominated again.
  • Previous award winners are not eligible nominees.

The selection committee will be judging submitted material on the following criteria.  The committee will award points in 6 categories:

Criteria – Based on Strategic Plan Values Points
Seizing Opportunities Up to 50 points
Success for all Stakeholders Up to 50 points
Diversity of culture, thought and experience Up to 50 points
Adaptive Approaches Up to 50 points
Teamwork Up to 50 points
Positive Risk-Taking Up to 50 points
Total points possible 300 points

These criteria will be used to facilitate discussions by the selection committee and will not be a hard and fast point system for selection.

All submitted materials become the property of the selection committee.