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University Professional Development
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Professional Development Defined
Professional Development is the continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to one’s profession, job responsibilities or work environment.

The Purpose of Professional Development
Professional Development is a mechanism used to create a culture of encouragement where individuals are empowered to develop the skills needed to accomplish university goals and vision. The University values and supports learning by encouraging employees’ participation in Professional Development opportunities and providing release time.

Organizational Structure of Professional Development
There is now a standing University Professional Development Committee developed during Fall 2016.  Membership include areas that provide Professional Development offerings, representatives from UP Senate, USS Senate, Human Resources Training, Information Technology Services Training and Research Technology and Transfer.  The Committee chair falls under the Office of Human Resources.  Senators are charged with the responsibility of keeping the Senates informed with the Committee work.

Current offerings are provided by a variety of areas including Center for Leadership Development, Counseling & Testing, Human Resources, Information Technology Services, University Libraries, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Research Transfer and Technology, to name a few. 

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Additional Resources (PDF) - Includes the following information:

  • University Professional Development Plan
  • Senate Professional Development Committee Report to Unclassified Professional and University Support Staff Senates
  • Survey Findings, Chart Analysis
  • Topics of Interest – Current and Potential Resources Identified by Senate Professional Development Committee
  • Policies & Procedures
    3.42 Tuition Assistance Program for Employees
    3.43 Tuition Assistance Program for Spouses and Dependent Children
    3.49 Employee Training and Professional Development