Unclassified Professional Senate Committees


2017 - 2018 Active Committee Chairs and Members:

Jana Henderson - Chair
Camille Childers
Randi Linquist

Communications Spread awareness of UP Senate Initiatives
Ryan Corcoran
Jeswin Joseph
Alicia Newell
Julie Scott
Darryl Carrington
Augustine Iocopelli

UP Grievance
Judy Espinoza

Krysti Carlson-Goering - Chair
Sarah Sell

Library Appeals Chair - Allows patrons of the Wichita State University Libraries to appeal overdue fines, lost fees, and other charges 
Camille Childers - Chair 

Professional Development – Learn More, WSU Technology Fair and Professional Development
Professional Development Subcommittee
Caleb Loss- Chair
Randi Lindquist - Co-Chair
Amy Barfield
Krysti Carlson-Goering
Randy Ware
USS Members:  TBD

Technology Fair Subcommittee (March 28th)
Becky North - Chair
Amy Belden
Jarrod Hipps
Dan Larrea
Muhammad Usmani
Sam Willis

TBD- USS Senate

RSC Board of Directors
Andrew Kahrs - Chair
Grady Landrum (serves as back up)

Traffic Appeals - Student and Employee appeals
Laura Manning - Chair

UP Staff Council Representative KBOR meeting (Position is held by Immediate Past President)
Becky North

UPS Website
Kevin Crabtree