Unclassified Professional Senate Committees


2016 - 2017 Active Committee Chairs and Members:

Becky Hundley - Chair
Camille Childers
Jana Henderson

Communications Spread awareness of UP Senate Initiatives
Tracee Friess- Chair
Ryan Corcoran
Cheryl Miller
Alicia Newell

UP Grievance
Judy Espinoza

Sheryl Propst - Chair
Krysti Carlson-Goering
Jana Henderson

Library Appeals Chair - Allows patrons of the Wichita State University Libraries to appeal overdue fines, lost fees, and other charges 
Camille Childers - Chair 

Professional Development – Learn More, WSU Technology Fair and Professional Development
Professional Development Subcommittee
Sheryl Propst - Chair
Amy Barfield
Krysti Carlson-Goering
Caleb Loss
Becky North
Randy Ware
USS Members:  Johny Buchanan-Spachek

Technology Fair Subcommittee (March 28th)
Becky North - Chair
Amy Belden
Jarrod Hipps
Dan Larrea
Muhammad Usmani
Sam Willis

Johny Buchanan-Spachek - USS Senate

RSC Board of Directors
Lyston Skerritt - Chair
Ryan Corcoran (will serve as backup)

Service - The Service Committee is established to create opportunities for staff to give back to the Wichita Community. The committee is currently focused on identifying the WSU service area of focus to highlight opportunities within 5 minutes of campus. Other programs and initiatives include: Salvation Army's Angel Tree, Santa's Workshop, Catholic Charities and the Lord's Diner Sock, Hat, Glove, Scarf Drive
Lyston Skerritt - Chair
Darryl Carrington
Tracee Friess

Traffic Appeals - Student and Employee appeals
Laura Manning - Chair
Lisa Hansen
Becky Hundley

UP Staff Council Representative KBOR meeting (Position is held by Immediate Past President)
Mark Porcaro

UPS Website
Kevin Crabtree