Unclassified Professional Senate Committees


2015 - 2016 Active Committee Chairs:

Awards/Recognition Committee – Becky Hundley and Amy Barfield
Communications Committee – Tracee Friess, Cheryl Miller
Grievance Committee Chair – Frankie Kirkendoll
Election Committee Co-Chairs – Lisa Hansen / Sheryl Propst
Library Appeals Committee Chair – Belinda Bishop
Professional Development Committee – Becky North, Sheryl Propst, Amy Barfield, Michael Yeung
RSC Board of Directors – Lyston Skerritt
Service Committee – Michelle Barger, Tracee Friess, Lyston Skerritt
Traffic Appeals – Eric Maki and Becky Hundley
Unclassified Professional Staff Council Representative – Brett Morrill
University Traffic Police Advisory Committee – Michelle Barger, Laura Manning, and Lisa Hansen
UPS Website Chair – Kevin Crabtree