Unclassified Professional Senate Committees


2013 - 2014 Active Committee Chairs:

Awards and Recognition Committee Chair – Gabrielle Dodosh

Election Committee Chair – April Keim, Mandy Konecny

Grievance Committee Chair – Frankie Brown, Sally Fiscus

Legislative Committee Chair – Cheryl Miller

Professional Development Committee Chair – Kathy Downes, Janelle Darr

Service Committee Chair – Sally Fiscus

Unclassified Professional Staff Council Representative – Connie Dietz

UPS Website Chair – Kevin Crabtree


2013 - 2014 University Committee Representatives:

Access Committe – Grady Landrum

Dining Services – Sheelu Surender

Facilities Committee - Kim Sandlin

Internal Branding Task Force – Cheryl Miller

Library Appeals – Susan Norton

RSC Board of Directors – Lana Anthis

Strategic Planning Steering Committee - Connie Dietz

Traffic Appeals – Brett Morrill

Wellness – Maria Martino