Email Related Issues



Q: I clicked on the E-mail link on myWSU and nothing happened.  What did I do wrong?

ANS: You may have a pop-up blocker blocking the new page from opening.  On Internet Explorer it will notify you of this by putting a yellow bar on the top of the page.  You can click on that bar and allow pop-ups.  Other browsers will have the setting also, but in other locations.  If you have trouble finding it, please call the HelpDesk at (316) 978-HELP.


Q: If I mistakenly sent an E-mail, can I get it back?

ANS: If the mail was sent from one faculty/staff member to another, it can be retrieved, providing the other user hasn't opened/deleted it and it wasn't sent to a mobile device.  Go to your sent folder and find the E-mail you want to retrieve.  Double click to open the E-mail.  In the "Actions" section, clcik "other actions".  Then select "recall this message".  The message will be recalled.


Q: I am a student at WSU  I am able to get into myWSU account and blackboard but can’t access email account. What should I do?

Ans: Try  to access your email account through “stumail.wichita.edu” .If it does not work please call the HelpDesk for assistance at (316) 978-3655.


Q:I am faculty/Staff at WSU. I am trying to get into my staff email account but it is not letting me in. What should I do?

Ans: Make sure to include ad\ before your myWSU ID. If it does not help you please call the HelpDesk for assistance at (316) 978-3655.

Q: I am faculty/Staff at WSU. Microsoft outlook express in not working properly on my Computer. Is there any way to check my emails?

Ans: Yes, through Microsoft  Outlook web Application you can still access your email. To open Outlook  Web App go to the following link.  


Q: How do I find my WSU student email address?

ANS: Your student email address is displayed after logging on to http://myWSU.wichita.edu and clicking on what is my email address? If no email address is displayed, contact the WSU Technology HelpDesk during regular business hours at (316) 978-HELP or email helpdesk@wichita.edu.


Q: What is my Username?

ANS: It is the first part of your email address (znbravo, for example).


Q: What is my password? 

ANS: Use your current myWSU ID password. More information about using or changing your myWSU ID password is located under Secure Access Login and Password Management on http://myWSU.wichita.edu.


Q: How do I access WSU Email?

ANS:    Email is easily accessible from various WSU Web pages and:

  1. Students: https://stumail.wichita.edu or by clicking on the email icon inside   myWSU.
  2. Faculty, staff and departmental accounts: http://mail.wichita.edu.


Q: Why should I use my WSU student email account?

ANS: Official email from the University is sent to a student's email address. Most students use Student Email to read their email, however, mail can be forwarded to a different email address.

Q: Can I change my email address?

ANS: In most cases it is not possible to request a change to your email address. If you feel a change is necessary, please contact the WSU Technology HelpDesk at (316) 978-HELP or helpdesk@wichita.edu.


Q: How do I find out more about Student Email functions?

ANS: Logon to Student Email and click the Help button.


Q: What do I do when it says my mailbox is 90% full or more?

ANS: Delete email messages stored in one or more of the folders in your mailbox. Some suggestions:
• Messages with attachments often take up the most space, start by saving the attachment onto your personal computer's hard drive.
• Find the largest messages and delete them first.
• Check the "Sent" folder for copies of emails that can be deleted. Turn off the option to save copies of outgoing messages (this will differ from one email client to another).


Q: My friend says an email he sent to me bounced with a message saying 'recipient is over quota'. What does this mean?

ANS: Each student is allotted 30Mb of disk space to store email. If that allotment is exceeded, email will bounce back to the sender with an appropriate message.


Q: How do I delete and expunge email?

ANS: For information about deleting and expunging messages, logon to Student Email and click the Help button. Refer to Mail > Managing Messages > To Mark a Message for Deletion.


Q: Can I use Mail Filters?

ANS: The Mail Filters option is used to manage mail filters for incoming email messages. Additional information can be found by logging into Student Email and clicking on the Help button. Refer to Options, Using Mail Filters.


Q: How do I forward my student email to another email address?

ANS: The Mail Forwarding setting is found under the Options and Settings tab of Student Email. Select Enable Forwarding to automatically send a copy of every message you receive to the email addresses mentioned in the Mail Forwarding list. Do not leave copy on server option. By default this option is unchecked. When this option is unchecked, the server keeps a copy of the mail in your WSU Webmail inbox. If you select do not leave copy on server, the server does not keep a copy of the forwarded mail in your inbox.
It is the student's responsibility to verify the forward successfully delivers email from their wichita.edu email account to the email address inboxes mentioned in the Mail Forwarding list.  Some email servers may think that email forwarded from wichita.edu is spam and may end up in the junk mail folder.  Test the forward by sending a test email message to the wichita.edu email address.


Q: Can I access email with Netscape or Outlook Express?

ANS: Yes, but you must configure the email preferences within the browser to access your email on the Wichita.edu server. The server supports both POP3 and IMAP access.


Q: What is the name of the Incoming IMAP server?

ANS:   The IMAP server name for WSU student email is STUIMAP.wichita.edu.

            The IMAP server name for faculty/staff and departmental email is IMAP.wichita.edu.


Q: What is the name of the Incoming POP3 server?

ANS: The POP3 server name for WSU student email is STUPOP.wichita.edu.

         Faulty/Staff E-mail cannot be accessed using POP.


Q: What is the Outgoing SMTP server?

ANS: You will only need to know the SMTP server name if you are using an email client other than Student Email. Email takes care of this automatically. If you are using a different email client, use SMTP.wichita.edu as your SMTP server.