Password Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Who can use myWSU?

Only WSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni who have a myWSU ID and password can login to the myWSU portal for personalized content.

 How do I get a myWSU ID password?

Go to http://mywsu.wichita.edu and select Manage your password.

1. Enter your myWSU ID (located on your Shocker Card).
2. Leave the password box blank to set up a new one or if you have forgotten your current password.  Enter your current password if it is known.
3. Click Submit

When setting up a password, you will be challenged for some personal information to verify your identity.Select and answer two secret questions. Remember your answers; you will need them to change your password in 90 days.

 What do I do if I can't login?

- Don't remember your password?

- Can't remember your myWSU ID or secret questions?

  • Go to  http://wsuaccess.wichita.edu  and fill out the form.  You will be given a cover sheet to use to fax over a photo ID.  You will be E-mailed a link that will show your ID and allow you to change your password.

I'm trying to setup my password for the first time and it is asking for my shocker card issue date.  I don't have a shocker card yet.  What do I do?

If you have never had a shocker card, you can leave the issue date blank.  If you have had a shocker card in the past, you must enter that issue date.  If you no longer have that card, please call the HelpDesk for assistance at (316) 978-HELP.

Are the myWSU ID and Password case sensitive?

Passwords are case sensitive.  MyWSU ID's are not.

Do myWSU  passwords expire?

myWSU  passwords expire after 90 days.  WSU is committed to maintaining security to on-line services. Regular expiration of passwords is a key component of the security plan.

What are the password requirements?

  • Passwords are not to be shared. Confidential information is housed on university systems accessed by a user’s MyWSU ID and password. If you suspect or know your password is compromised, change it immediately!
  • Passwords are case sensitive. This is a change for many users.
  • Passwords are alpha-numeric, a minimum length of 8 and a maximum length of 16.
  • Passwords may not contain spaces.
  • The first character must be an alphabetic character (A - Z or a - z).
  • Passwords must include at least one (1) number (0 - 9).
  • At this time, special characters are NOT allowed in myWSU ID Passwords.
  • Passwords will expire every 90 days.
  • A previous password may not be reused.
  • Your password cannot be the same as your myWSU ID.
  • Additional password rules may be distributed at a later date.
  • These rules apply to all systems that use your myWSU ID.

Can you ever reuse an old password?

You can never re-use an old myWSU password. 

What are examples of strong passwords?

• Strong passwords are easy to remember and hard to guess.
• Start with a dictionary word and incorporate numbers to create a non-dictionary word.(i.e. Flagpole fla4gpo8le)
• Use the first letter in a phrase and incorporate numbers. (i.e: Jack and Jill ran up the hill jajru48th)
• Don't use personal information or these examples when creating your strong password. Avoid   making  passwords with patterns.  (ie: a1234567 or mmmmm9).

Where is the myWSU ID and password used?

  • MyWSU
  • E-mail for students and staff
  • Connecting to the Wifi
  • Self Service and Banner
  • Logging into lab PC's on Campus
  • Most staff computers

Why does myWSU say my account is locked when I was admitted today?

You cannot create a password for myWSU until the next business day after being admitted. The update process is run overnight. The HelpDesk cannot remove this lock. This lock is usually removed the next morning by 10 AM.

How do I reset the username and PIN on the Undergraduate Admissions Application?

The username and password for the Undergraduate Admissions Application is set by the applicant. The HelpDesk cannot lookup or reset this information. It is usually faster to start the process over if the application was not completed. Undergraduate Admissions has the capability of resetting this information. They can be contacted at (316) 978-3085.  Graduate School Admissions and International Admissions questions should be directed to those departments.