Logging into Staff PC's

  1. On bootup, a screen should display that says "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to login".  Press those three keys together.  The login screen should display.
  2. If someone elses ID is displayed on the login screen, select "switch users"
  3. Most computers on campus are on the AD\ domain.  The AD\ domain uses your myWSU ID and password to login.  If you do not yet have a password, go here for instructions on how to set one.
    • If you are on the ENGR, LAS, or Wichita domain, you will have different credentials to login.  Call the HelpDesk at (316) 978-4357 if you are unsure what domain you are connecting to.
  4. The computer should then finish booting up and login to your account. 
  5. You may have access to Personal or Share drives that your department has requested for your use.  You can access them by clicking in the icon that says "Computer" on your desktop.  They will be listed under network drives. 

If you have trouble accessing your share drive:

  • Ensure that your internet connection is active by attempting to access a website.  If your internet connection is not active, contact the HelpDesk.
  • Attempt to re-establish the connection by relogging the computer.
  • If neither of these help your issue, call the HelpDesk at (316) 978-4357.

For Instructions for remoting into your computer from home, download instructional .pdf here.