Senate Committees 2016 AY

Click here for this year's list of committee members.

Alternative Service Committee -- to continue to assist with the employee conversion from Classified to University Support Staff:

Communications Committee -- coordinates marketing / communications for the Senate, including social media (Facebook, Twitter), WSU TV, WSU Today news, campus mailings, etc. One member serves as webmaster. Check Senate email and campus mail accounts. Create a twice annual newsletter (one in Fall & one in Spring) to be distributed to USS employees; conduct interviews, write articles, etc.

Community Service -- responsible for organizing community service events that the U.S.S. Senate will participate in (at least 2 per year).

Constitution -- review of Senate constitution and by-laws.

Elections -- coordinates the election of U.S.S. Senators each year.

Heskett Center Board -- one university support staff employee serves on this University committee and gives suggestions on programs that should be offered; also helps review the budget in the Spring (meets once in the Fall & once in the Spring).

Library Appeals -- University committee that reviews library appeals for fines, etc. (committee member cannot be employed at Ablah Library).

Rhatigan Student Center Board -- one U.S.S. employee serves on this University committee to help make financial decisions related to the operations of RSC; meets every 2 months.

Shocker Pride Celebration -- obtains door prizes for the annual Shocker Pride Celebration; administer the nomination and selection of the 3 U.S.S. President's Distinguished Service Award recipients.

Shocker Scholarship -- Develop a promotion for scholarship program to raise funds – try to send out yearly; develop/monitor scholarship criteria for Shocker Employee and Dependent Scholarship; review/score qualified applicants for Fall/Spring semester; submit applicant/s with highest scores to Financial Aid for scholarship award and provide updates at U.S.S. Senate monthly meetings.

Traffic Appeals -- University committee reviews traffic violation appeals (committee member cannot be employed in the WSU Police Department).

Tuition Committee -- exploring new options for tuition grants/waivers for employee and their dependents.

Welcoming Committee -- provides helpful information to new USS employees at WSU.  Holds a biannual reception for new USS employees as a way for them to get to know their Senators.

Wellness Committee -- U.S.S. employee(s) serve on this University committee to promote wellness on campus.