Clinic Affiliation with the Scottish Rite
A Perfect Partnership

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In 2001, the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic at Wichita State University was chosen by the Kansas Scottish Rite to serve as a RiteCare Clinic. This partnership benefits the Wichita community tremendously by making affordable speech-language services available to more children.

Robert C. "Bob" Talbott, 32°, K.C.C.H:
"With this new and personal relationship between the Kansas Scottish Rite Foundation and, in Wichita, our Wichita Scottish Rite Charitable Trust, we have no doubt that we can raise the level of awareness and support for children with speech, language, and hearing disorders. Such awareness prompted a bequest from the family of one of our Wichita Scottish Rite members in support of continuing education for WSU Speech-Language-Hearing students. This large gift is being used to establish and perpetuate the Wichita Scottish Rite Charitable Trust Fellowship Fund. Income from this fund will endow an annual scholarship for graduate and post-graduate students in the communicative disorders & sciences field at WSU."