Transfer Students

If you have used benefits at another institution and are now transferring to WSU, following are the steps you will need to take in order to establish your VA Educational Benefits at WSU. (For a printable checklist, please click here):

  1. Become fully admitted to a degree-bound program at Wichita State University. For questions about applying for admission to an undergraduate program, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (316) 978-3085. For graduate programs, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at (316) 978-3095.

  2. If you are currently considered a Non-Kansas Resident at WSU, but are current Military, Military Spouse/Dependent, or are a Veteran or Spouse/Dependent of a Veteran who separated from active duty within the past three (3) years, please see the WSU Registrar’s Office in Jardine Hall Room 102 about the Application for Kansas Resident Classification for Current Military Personnel/Spouse/Dependents and Eligible Veterans/Spouse/Dependents.

  3. Complete an Intent to Enroll form (please see the Forms page to print the form for the appropriate academic term) to submit along with the below forms to WSU Veterans Services.

  4. All transfer students MUST fill out a VA Form, based on your Educational Benefits

    1. Chapter 35: VA FORM 22-5495 : Request for Change of Program or Place of Training for Survivors and Dependents; submit a copy to WSU Veterans Services.

    2. All other Chapters: VA FORM 22-1995: Request of Change of Program or Place of Training; submit a copy to WSU Veterans Services.

  5. Meet with an academic advisor to set your degree plan and enroll.

  6. While meeting with your academic advisor, you and your advisor will need to complete the Enrollment Certification Request Form (please see the Forms page to print the form for the appropriate academic term). Please select the correct form for your degree level - Undergraduate or Graduate. Once you and your advisor have completed the appropriate form, submit it to the WSU Office of Veterans Services for enrollment certification. You will need to submit this form completed by you and your Academic Advisor to WSU Veterans Services each semester you are wanting to use education benefits. Additionally, if you change your enrollment after submitting the Enrollment Certification Request, and new form must be completed and submitted to WSU Veterans Services.


If you have questions regarding the forms necessary, or the steps to transfer your education benefits to WSU from another school, please contact WSU Veterans Services in Jardine Hall, room 203, by phone at (316) 978-3547 or (316) 978-3027, or by email to veterans.services@wichita.edu.