Frequently Asked Questions

Why did WSU develop a new logo?
A new logo is part of an overall strategy to create a comprehensive visual identity system for the university. This work was done to improve the university's brand image by making our visual identity more consistent and adaptable.

What is a comprehensive visual identity system?
It's a set of standards and guidelines that help direct graphic designers and others on how to consistently use the university's name, logo, color, and other design elements on everything from letterhead to signs.

Does this replace the old university logo??
Yes. In fact, it replaces the university's old logo as well as the "wheat logo" formerly used by the Athletics Department.

Does this replace WuShock?
No. Absolutely no changes have been made to the university's WuShock symbol, or to other marks used by the Athletic Department, like the Baseball WuShock or "Flying W" symbol.

My department has a logo we've developed. Does the new logo replace it??
Yes. In most cases, special logos developed by departments, colleges, and other university entities are no longer being permitted. However, new "naming unit signatures" have been developed to allow these organizations to use the logo with their name.

Who did this work?
The project was coordinated by Strategic Communications. The actual design of the logo and the visual standards that support it was done by Gardner Design of Wichita.

Did the official university colors change?
No. They remain black and yellow (Pantone Matching System #116).

Do I need to change everything right now?
No. This is a "phased implementation," meaning that it will take several years to replace the old logos in their various forms across campus. You are encouraged to use up supplies of stationery, print material, and other items that use the old logo. When you order or reorder new supplies, the new logo will be used.

How will this affect logo merchandise?
Current supplies can be used up. Any new logo merchandise that is created will use the new WSU logo.

Does this mean campus signs will change?
Yes, eventually. As signs need to be created or replaced, the work will follow the new visual identity program.

Who can I contact for more information?
Contact Strategic Communications, (316) 978-3045.