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Shocker Sound Basketball Band

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Fall 2017 Shocker Sound Audition Materials

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    The Shocker Sound performs for all games of both Men and Women basketball teams, including games during Winter Break. There are approximately 20 men’s games and 20 women's games each season, excluding tournaments. The season typically begins in October and concludes in March. The Shocker Sound will travel to tournaments when the teams are invited to participate. At the beginning of the season and at the beginning of each semester, students provide game availability and are assigned to games according to indicated availability and instrumentation needs.
In order to be eligible to participate in Shocker Sound, a student must be enrolled in at least one class at WSU and have experience on an instrument. Please note that Shocker Sound is an extra-curricular activity with no university credit offered for participation. Each band member receives an honorarium per game of approximately $20 (subject to change) per game. Once the band is selected through auditions, there are several rehearsals in preparation for game performances. Honorariums typically are disbursed in January and May.
Due to the NCAA and NIT Tournament Regulations, the total number of Shocker Sound personnel is limited to 30-playing members per tournament trip. However, during the fall semester the personnel roster can accommodate a larger 50 member roster. Personnel are rotated in and out of the band to give more opportunity for participation and to accommodate the availability schedules.
At the beginning of spring semester Shocker Sound is re-auditioned to select the most dedicated and proficient players in preparation for tournament travel. The spring semester personnel must make a strong commitment to playing the majority of the games due to this reduced roster and the increased performance schedule. The band is consistently seen on television and heard on the radio. Ensuring quality performances is of the utmost importance.



(NOTE: WSU provides instruments to qualified students.)
Trumpet – 8                                   Alto Sax – 5
Mellophone – 4                             Tenor Sax – 2
Trombone – 6                                Bari Sax – 1
Baritone (Euphonium) – 2         Drum Set – 2 (one player per game)
Sousaphones – 3                           Bass Guitar - 1


Membership Priority Consideration

It is highly recommended and shown to be to the advantage of students in Shocker Sound and those desiring to be in Shocker Sound to enroll in Concert Band. The Concert Band is a concert ensemble that performs classic repertoire for winds, brass, and percussion. Students involved have a consistent weekly rehearsal schedule as well as culminating concerts. This schedule maintains their playing skills as well as improves them! Enrollment is not a requirement for Shocker Sound eligibility, but highly, HIGHLY encouraged. It should be noted that in addition to the audition the following priority guidelines are considered when selecting members for Shocker Sound: (1) music major or music minor? (2) member of the Concert Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and/or Jazz Arts Ensembles? (3) seniority (students previously members of the Shocker Sound). Should you have any questions feel free to contact Dr. Shade.


Audition Results

Audition results will be posted outside B104 – Dr. Shade’s Office and C114 - Instrument Storage Room.

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