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Mail delivery at WSU


Your mailing address at WSU should be in the following format:


Faculty/Staff/Office Name

Wichita State University

1845 Fairmount, Campus Box Number __

Wichita KS 67260-0---


The address above is clearly addressed to WSU, with the University's street address and unique zip code. This lets the U.S. Postal Service direct it to campus. A ZIP plus-four is the series of four numbers shown after the ZIP Code and should match your box number. For example, if your box number is 28, your plus-four is –0028, and if your box number is 132, your plus-four is –0132.


We have current directories of WSU campus box numbers available for your reference, and keep them updated as changes are approved for use.


It is the responsibility of each University faculty and staff member to give out their correct mailing address at WSU. Missing or incorrect information (especially box numbers or extra information that could be confused with box numbers) can result in sorting errors causing mail to not be promptly or correctly delivered on campus.   


The Campus Post Office usually receives incoming mail from the U. S. Postal Service three times daily. All mail is usually sorted and ready for pickup or delivery no later than 9:30 a.m. Five separate delivery routes are normally in operation daily at WSU. For information about delivery schedules for offices please contact us at 978-3550.


Postage Meter Forms

In order for us to correctly and accurately charge expenses on mail or other items your office sends, we charge directly to your university Org and Fund numbers. A simple form that gives us all the necessary information for metered postage is available here. If a university account number does not accompany your mail when we process it, we will locate an account for your office for the charges. Upon request, we can restritct use of your account for our services to specific people. Contact us if you need additional information regarding account numbers.

Monthly Billing Information

All services through our office are billed to university Org and Fund numbers monthly. A list of dates, billing codes, and how to find your monthly bill on Banner are all available here. For cash accounts that are not billed through WSU's Banner system, physical invoices are distributed monthly and payment of balances is the account holder's responsibility.


Mass/Bulk Mailings at Wichita State

The Campus Post Office can help you in design and mailing services for your mass or bulk mailings, from a simple campus mailing to a discounted rate marketing mailing for the USPS. Even if you don't need to complete your mailing right away (in fact we love to schedule in advance) the first step is always to schedule your mailing with us and to be certain that your mailpiece is compatible with our equipment. Contact the WSU Campus Post Office for more information.


Special shipping services we offer

In addition to regular postage rates, we offer a variety of special service options, both domestic and international, for shipping, tracking, and insuring items sent from the University. These include services from the U. S. Postal Service such as Priority Mail, Express Mail, Certified Mail, and Registered Mail, as well as discounted rates on services provided by Federal Express and United Parcel Services. A more complete listing of service options and information about them is available by clicking here.


Ship Request Software for FedEx and UPS

For WSU departements and individuals who are shipping through FedEx or UPS and who are paying with a university account, we will need a Ship Request form for billing and record keeping. Ship Request is a standalone program available for Windows which can be downloaded and installed from our website. Please note, Ship Request installation now requires assistance from the Campus Post Office Manager, so you will need to be ready for us to assist you when you're installing Ship Request.


*Note* Ship Request is now experiencing difficulties with a Windows 10 update that has begun to appear on campus. Once Windows installs this update Ship Request will not run properly. We're currently working to address the problem and find a new software solution for this. Please contact us for more information if you need assistance.

Purchasing Postage Stamps for WSU use

The majority of the mail that leaves Wichita State each day is processed with a postage meter. However, if you would prefer to use physical stamps for your mail, you may use our stamp order form. Typically we will deliver your purchased stamps with your mail on the next visit to your office or have them with your mail if you visit us. Please remember that correct postage will depend on weight, size, and class of mail, and may depend on destination. Contact us if you have any questions about ordering appropriate postage.


Tracking Packages/ZIP Code and Address Information


Virtually every package or parcel, regardless of service or carrier, will usually have a tracking number assigned when shipped. Should you need to locate a package, the tracking number is extremely helpful. Online package tracking is available through our