For WSU Faculty and Staff 



How Faculty and Staff receive mail at WSU


Your mailing address at WSU should be in the following format:


Faculty/Staff/Office Name

Wichita State University

1845 Fairmount, Campus Box Number __

Wichita KS 67260-0---


The address above is clearly addressed to WSU, with the University's street address and unique zip code.  This lets the U. S. Postal Service direct it to campus.  A plus-four is the series of four numbers shown after the zip code and should match your box number.  For example, if your box number is 28, your plus-four is –0028, and if your box number is 132, your plus-four is –0132.


A current directory of Campus box numbers can be found by clicking here.


It is the responsibility of each University faculty and staff member to give out their correct mailing address at WSU.  Missing or incorrect information, especially numbers, can result in sorting errors causing mail to not be promptly and correctly delivered on campus.   


The Campus Post Office usually receives incoming mail from the U. S. Postal Service three times daily.  All mail is usually sorted and ready for pickup or delivery before 9:30 a. m..  Five separate delivery routes are normally in operation daily at WSU.  For information about delivery schedules for offices please contact us at 978-3550.



 Shipping services we offer


In addition to regular postage rates, we offer a variety of special service options, both domestic and international, for shipping, tracking, and insuring items sent from the University.   These include services from the U. S. Postal Service such as Priority Mail, Express Mail, Certified Mail, and Registered Mail, as well as discounted rates on services provided by Federal Express and United Parcel Services.  


For Federal Express (FedEx) and United Parcel Service (UPS), we also offer a free downloadable program for your computer.  With it you can prepare your shipping request for either service in advance on your own computer and maintain a personal mailing list for addresses you may ship to repeatedly using either service.  For a download guide, please click here. 


A more complete listing of service options and information about them is available by clicking here.