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About the Research Compliance Office

As a State educational institution, Wichita State University is subject to U.S. laws and regulations regarding export/import compliance. The Research Compliance Office is here to assist you in successfully achieving your goals by helping you adhere to and comply with these laws and regulations. Many of the nation’s leading-edge technologies are being discovered by U.S. and Foreign National students and scholars in university settings. The U.S. export control agencies place the responsibility on the university to understand and comply with the laws and regulations. This is when the compliance office can be of assistance to you.

If you have a project in which you will be working with a foreign country or foreign nationals, you need to contact the Research Compliance Office for direction. We can classify the work and make the determination as to whether or not you will need an export license. (Licensing can take months, so be sure to contact us immediately to get the process started.)

Research Compliance Office Staff

Each person in the Research Compliance office is knowledgeable in all areas and capable of assisting with your compliance questions. You may contact us at compliance@wichita.edu or 978-COMP (2667) anytime with questions, concerns or for assistance. We are here to help you navigate the world of research compliance.

Becky Hundley, director of IP and research compliance

Penny Mann
, compliance specialist
Penny’s focus is Conflict of Interest forms, so you can be sure you and the university are compliant with any conflicts of interest or financial conflicts of interest that may hinder your progress or disrupt your research. A management plan can be written to protect against actual conflicts. She can also help you with contract/grant language and review for possible EAR/ITAR issues and export compliance language.

Nancy Farber, compliance specialist
Nancy works with research project export determinations and shipping/export requests. If you plan to work with foreign nationals, contact Nancy to determine what restrictions there may be, depending on the type of work or specific projects. She can also assist you with exports or imports, especially classifying shipments and completing the necessary paperwork.

Sherry Alexander
, senior administrative specialist
Sherry can help with screening any companies or individuals you plan to do business with; involve in a project; or bring to your lab or facility for a tour. If you are planning to travel outside of the U.S., there are precautions and possible licenses you should be aware of before traveling. Contact Sherry for the latest travel warnings for your destination and best practices for personal safety, as well as security for any WSU business information you may be taking with you.

Depository of Certifications & Assurances

Wichita State University is required to certify or assure state and federal governments that the University complies with statutes, administrative orders, etc.  Examples are the Delinquent Federal Debt, Drug-Free Schools and Communities, and Equal Employment/Opportunity/Affirmative Action (Title VI).

In some instances the University is asked to keep on file copies of completed forms and whatever certificate or official notices sent and returned by federal agencies.  In other instances, the University attests it is in compliance as a condition for a grant or contract.

The Office of Research has been designated as the central depository for certificates and assurances in order to monitor renewal and to facilitate audits. See WSU Policies & Procedures Manual, Section 9.16 for additional information.