Request More Information on IMCP/IMCP Designation Letter
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Part I: Client Request for Information
1. Client Name     
2. Email      
3. Phone    Primary          Cell   
4. Address  5. City   
6. State                      7. Zip (+4)   
Part II: Optional Information
8a. Are you currently in business?      Yes     No
8b. Are you currently exporting?        Yes    No 

9. Name of Business, Organization or Agency

10. Type of Business (select primary category)
Mining  Public Administration 
Arts/Entertainment/Recreation  Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing/Hunting 
Waste Management/Remediation Service  Utilities 
Manufacturing  Educational Services 
Transportation/Warehousing  Information 
Finance/Insurance  Real Estate/Rental 
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services  Construction 
Wholesale Trade  Health Care/Social Assistance 
Management of Companies/Enterprises  Retail Trade 
Administrative/Support  Accommodation/Food Service 
11. Please share with us a brief summary of your request so that we will be better prepared to assist you.  
12. Do you have a grant to which you plan to apply?  Yes No

If you answered "Yes" to question 12 please continue filling out the request form below. Otherwise please submit your request now.

Request IMCP Designation Letter

*Requests are due three weeks prior to the proposal's submission date

13a. What grant are you applying for? 

13b. When do you plan on submitting your grant proposal? 

13c. Can you provide us with a web address for the grant? 

14. What agency is administering the grant? 
15. What organization/s do you represent? 
16. How does your project support/implement strategies outlined in the South Kansas Manufacturing Community application and the Task Force Strategic Plan?

17. Please describe which organizations and counties the project involves and how they are involved. 

18a. Does your project proposal intend to leverage funds or provide a dollar match?

Yes No

 18b. If yes, how much? 

19. What impact/outcomes do you expect to achieve with this project?  
20. Have you received a federal grant before?  Yes No 
21. Is there any other relevant information that you would like to share with us?  


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