Internal Grant Opportunities

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Announcements regarding the below opportunities are posted no later than 4 – 6 weeks in advance of the grant application deadline.  Below are brief, non-inclusive descriptions of internal grant opportunities. As with all grant proposals, please read the grant instructions and application form carefully for all grant requirements as these are subject to change. Please note that all applications require an endorsement from the Chair and Dean on the application form.  Questions regarding program or specific program grants, contact Karen Davis 316-978-3285 or Proposals@wichita.edu.

Previous URCA/MURPA/ARC Awardees



University Research/Creative Projects are to retool or reestablish productive research/creative projects agenda. In areas where external funding is available, the URCA may be used as seed money to develop pilot data.


Multidisciplinary Research Projects are projects that involve two or more investigators from different disciplines that focus different perspectives and capabilities on complex problems that intersect established areas of study.

  • Two awards for multidisciplinary research projects may be made for up to $7,500 each.
  • They are intended as seed money to develop pilot data for proposals to be submitted to governmental agencies, foundations, or industries.
  • October 6, 2017 application deadline for grant period, choice of Jan 1 – June 15 OR May 1 – Aug 31.
  • MURPA Instructions
  • MURPA Application



Award for Research/Creative projects provide salary/fringes of $3,000* for 2 months, plus $1,000 for other operating expenses (total of $4,000) to enable faculty to pursue research or creative projects during the summer.


  • Awardees are expected to resume their teaching in the fall for the next academic year.
  • A faculty member may receive only one of the following in a fiscal year: an ARCS, a University Research/Creative Projects Award (URCA), or a Multidisciplinary Research Project Award (MURPA).
  • Those who accept any summer appointment from their college (for the summer grant period) are ineligible.
  • February 2, 2018 application deadline for grant period May 1, - August 31.
  • ARC  Instructions
  • ARC Application

*Please contact Proposals@wichita.edu for assistance in determining fringes and gross salary.