Proposal Development

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Grant Development Specialists in the Office of Research review and approve proposals after they have advised WSU Principal Investors, faculty and staff members who seek external funding from federal, state, local and local agencies as well as private and business entities.

In order to better serve customers, please contact us at Proposals@wichita.edu to begin your proposal development.

Budget Development

Please contact the Grant Development Specialists at Proposals@wichita.edu to begin your budget development.

In submitting proposals for funding by external agencies, Wichita State University follows the principles and requirements of the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21,relocated to 2 CFR, Part 220 Cost Principles for Educational Institutions. Consequently, when constructing a budget, the Principal Investigator/Project Director or other budget preparer should be mindful that any proposed costs must be reasonable, allocable and consistent with WSU general costing policies. When proposing to federal agencies, costs cannot be proposed which are unallowable in OMB Circular A-21 examples include alcoholic beverages, donations and contributions, memberships in any civic or community organizations, and entertainment costs.

In addition, OMB Circular A-21 limits reimbursement for certain types of expenses that the government considers administrative and already included in the university’s federally negotiated indirect rate. Included in those expenses are costs for administrative and clerical staff, postage, telephone,computers, and routine office supplies. These costs are only appropriate when they are essential to the project’s success and provided for the sole benefit of the project. Proposal budgets that include these items must be well-documented in the budget justifications.