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April 2015

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PI Name
Award Amount
Human Trafficking Training for Attorney General's Office Office of the Attorney General of Kansas Karen Countryman-Roswurm School of Social Work $0.00
STEM Professional Parternship Program (SP3) Kansas Board of Regents Ashlie Jack Curriculum & Instruction & Secondary Education $90,319
Community Service Grant (CSG) FY 2015 Corporation for Public Broadcasting Debra Fraser KMUW $119,847
City of Ottawa Municipal Auditorium Review Proposal City of Ottawa Misty Bruckner College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $4,000
Social Identity at Aztec-Dissident Tlaxcallan, Mexico State of Kansas Lisa Overholtzer Anthropology $4,000
Translating the Religious Divide:  the Role of Dragomans Between Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean State of Kansas Travis Bruce History and Geography $4,000
Symmetries & Lower Curvature Bounds State of Kansas Catherine Searle Liberal Arts & Sciences Deans Office $4,000
Team Building, Leadership & MBTI Eagle Med, LLC Scott Wituk College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $6,600
Culture from the Slums: Punk Rock, Authentic and Alternative Culture in East & West Germany State of Kansas Jeff Hayton History and Geography $4,000
Norovirus 3CL Protease-Based Anti-norovirus Therapeutics Kansas State University William Groutas Chemistry $176,524
Smarter Public Health Solution via Social Media : Building An Automatic Early Warning System for Foodborne Disease Outbreak using Twitter State of Kansas Kaushik Sinha Electrical & Computer Engineering $0.00
An Empirical Application of High-Performance Pattern Recognition and Protein Binding to Treat Cancer Flossie E West Memorial Trust A Asaduzzaman Electrical & Computer Engineering $150,390
Mental Health Issues among Asian International Students: Internet Addiction, Depression, Homesickness, Loneliness, and Acculturation State of Kansas Jiaqi Li Department of CLES $4,000
Surface Engineering of Nanomaterials via Renewable Biomass for Advances Nanocomposites State of Kansas Bin Li Mechanical Engineering $4,000
A Novel Fastener Element for Structural Finite Element Analysis State of Kansas Chihdar Yang Aerospace Engineering $0.00
Brown County Land Bank Benefit-Cost Analysis Community Foundation of Northeast Kansas Kenneth Kriz College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $2,935.50
Towards Understanding Cancer: An Integrative Machine Learning Approach to Identify Cancer Biomarkers for Robust Flossie E West Memorial Trust Kaushik Sinha Electrical & Computer Engineering $25,000
OSU Industrial Assessment Center Oklahoma State University Mehme Yildirim Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering $20,944
City of Clearwater EMS/Fire Assessment City of Clearwater Nancy Snyder College of Liberal Arts & Sciences $12,650
Multifunctional Biodegradable Theranostic Nanoparticles for Cancer Nanomedicine Flossie E West Memorial Trust Anil Mahapatro Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering $23,169
Rural Health Initiatives The Reach Healthcare Foundation Scott Wituk Center for Community Support & Research $13,970
Child Development Food Program Social and Rehabilitation Services Wade Robinson Campus Life & University Relations $1,313.49
Child Development Center Fod Program Social and Rehabilitation Services Wade Robinson Campus Life & University Relations $1,517.41