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Fun classes!

Fun! Fun! Fun! Want to do something fun with all your summer photos and preserve your fond memories forever? Come to our fun, non-credit Digital Scrapbooking class starting on September 9, 2017. Share your fun with your family and friends digitally. It is so easy to do:


We also have another fun Culinary Essential class starting on September 12 at the Derby High School. Improve you cooking skills for your loved ones and yourself:


Summer and fall 2017 classes

Click here for our summer and fall classes.

Latest WSU News:



Two Recent Recognition Awards for WSU South Team

WSU South in Derby has been recognized for its Lactation Room facility. The Kansas Business Case for Breastfeeding awarded WSU South the Gold Recognition Award for its Lactation Room facility that has received great reviews by its users. The Lactation Room at WSU South was funded by a grant in 2015 to Danielle Gabor, the Administrative Officer at WSU South. Danielle was able to acquire a rocking chair, a dedicated and secure refrigerator, a hospital-grade pump, and free pump kits for users. The Recognition Award was in response to the comfortable and secure environment and the support service WSU South provides to its student and staff users. See the following link for more info:


Michael Yeung, the Director of WSU South, has been recently recognized with the Above and Beyond Award by the Derby Health Collaborative, of which Michael has been a member since the inception of the Collaborative in 2010. Michael, with his background in Medical Science Research, has been contributing his knowledge and support for the Collaborative over the years. Michael’s effort has also been reflective of his desire to show the community that WSU is a good corporate citizen and cares about the well-being of the community. See the following link for more info:


Other Useful Information

Rent a Book!

Four easy steps to rent a book at WSU Bookstore: a) You must be enrolled in the current semester; b) Look for textbooks in the Bookstore Textbook floor with "Rent it" stickers; c) Show your Shocker ID card and sign a rental agreement; d) Return book to Bookstore at the end of the semester.

Pick up and return Ablah and Career library materials at WSU South. 

We have partnered with the WSU Ablah and Career Libraries to let our students and faculty to order library books online to be delivered to the WSU South for pick-up and return. This is reflective of our service commitments to our patrons. The system is really simple and easy to use and is analogus to our order-and-delivery system with the WSU Bookstore that is already in place. Check it out and save yourself a trip to the Main Campus! Here are the details for Ablah and Career libraries.

Time to get your financial house in order

CashCourse is a website created by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) to provide financial literacy information to students and provide them with the skills necessary for financial well-being. Cashcourse is intended to help students manage their financial habits and to forge positive management practices in student's daily lives.Visit CashCourse at http://www.cashcourse.org/wichita


The do-it-yourself web-based CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) or Degree Evaluation to track progress toward graduation is available in your myWSU account. You just need to log on your myWSU and at the bottom of  "my classes" tab to access it.  For details, please click here. It's an easy and comprehensive way to know where you stand. But you still need to talk to your advisor for class enrollments.

Add, Drop, Late Enrollment Policies .

Please click on the following link for the WSU policies on add, drop and late enrollment policies and deadlines for this semester: click here.