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WSU Treasures
2016 - 2017

Chair: Charlotte Kleffner: kleffnercf@gmail.com or 686-3274
Location:   Larksfield Place, 7373 East 29th Street North
Start Time:  7:00 p.m.

To offer to serve as host, contact Charlotte Kleffner, at kleffnercf@gmail.com

All are Welcome!

September 30
J.C. Combs, Professor Emeritus of Percussion, WSU
"All that Jazz"
Host:  Mary Yeager
RSVP:  kleffnercf@gmail.com

October 28
Barbara Kae, Artist
Creating Collages: From Kansas to New Zealand and Beyond
Host:  Carol Graham
Reservations: kleffnercf@gmail.com

December 2
Mel Kahn, Professor, WSU Political Science Department
Host:   TBA
Reservations:  kleffnercf@gmail.com

January 27
Anand Desai, Dean WSU Barton School of Business
Various Facets of the Barton School of Business
Host: Dwight & Virginia Murphey
Reservations:  kleffnercf@gmail.com

February 24
Evan Wessel, former WSU Basketball Player
Remembering Shocker Basketball
Host:  Julie Scherz
Reservations:  kleffnercf@aol.com

March 31
Cindy Berner, Director, Wichita Pulbic Library
Public Library's New Building
Host:  TBA
Reservations:  kleffner@aol.com

April 28
Louis Medvene, Professor, WSU Psychology Department
Successful Aging
Host:  Dale & Cathy Green
Reservations: kleffnercf@gmail.com