The Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honors Society offers two scholarship awards: the National Scholarship, and (2) the National Deanís List Scholarship. The National Executive Office will offer a $4000 annual base award for the National Lambda Alpha Scholarship. The National Deanís List scholarship will offer a $1000 award. The National Lambda Alpha Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior majoring in Anthropology. The Lambda Alpha National Deanís List Scholarship is awarded to an Anthropology major with junior standing during the academic year. These are limited and closed competitions. A well qualified candidate has a reasonable chance to win.

In order to insure a quality set of candidates, potential applicants will be allowed to join the honorary but must be accepted by their chapter and paid up before the application deadline of March 1. Each chapter may nominate only one candidate per award. The chapter of the scholarship candidate for either award must forward the following materials to the National Executive Secretary by the March 1st deadline:

  1. Letter of nomination from the department or appropriate academic unit (this letter must specify to which scholarship the candidate is applying).
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Transcripts of all undergraduate grades
  4. A statement, signed by applicant, giving permission to the National Executive Council to view submitted manuscripts, and permission to publish the manuscript in the Lambda Alpha Journal.
  5. Two supporting letters of recommendation (one must be from a professional Anthropologist). In addition, candidates for the Lambda Alpha Scholarship award must also submit a statement of future professional plan and an original and six copies of their professional writing (e.g. a publication or course paper).

Co-authored publications and contract archaeological reports are not acceptable. The submission should be of ďarticle lengthĒ. The purpose is to evaluate formal writing skill, not to demonstrate research productivity. Submitted writing exhibits should be accompanied by a disk copy in ASCII text or WORDPERFECT format. If the essay sample of the winning application is not published or copyrighted, the Lambda Alpha Journal reserves the option to publish the material as an article in the upcoming issue. Mail to: If notice of receipt of submitted materials is desired, please send them by certified mail or enclose with them a stamped or postal paid self-addressed card. There is often a delay in submission of transcripts sent directly from the university. Candidates are advised to confirm their processing. The winner of the National Lambda Alpha Scholarship will be announced before May 15, 2004. The winner of the Lambda Alpha National Deanís List Award will be announced sometime in October, 2003.

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