Animated Checkered Flag

2013 Awards to be Presented:

Animated Checkered Flag

red ball image Best of Show
Sponsored by Interstate All Battery Center

red ball image Top 25
red ball image Presidentís Choice
Sponsored by O'Reilly Auto Parts
red ball image First Ladyís Choice
Sponsored by Barton Solvents
red ball image Best Midian Shrine Vehicle
Sponsored by Cargill, Inc.
red ball image Best WSU Employee Vehicle
Sponsored by Executive Board of Aero Lodge 839
red ball image Best Club Participation
Sponsored by Community Service Committee of Aero Lodge 839 IAMAW
red ball image Best Motorcycle
Sponsored by Alef's Harley-Davidson
red ball image Best New Stock 2006 and Newer
red ball image Best Daily Driven 1975 and Older

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