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The Gulf Oil Spill of 2010

.We will be trying to keep these links up to date, however this is a breaking situation so for the latest you may need to check your news provider ...............................................................................................................................................................................we

Huge layer of oily residue found on seabed msnbc


well how did it rank? (from the BBC)




Hayward to Get $18M Golden Parachute newswer 7-27-10


BP Confirms Hayward Exit newser 7-26-10


Law to combat Mafia used in BP lawsuits (RICO) Petroleum News 7-24-10


Alarms, detectors disabled so top rig officials could sleep [updated] LA Times 7-24-10


More doctored BP photos come to light Washington Post 7-23-10


Spill Causes Boom in Oil Industry Lobbying Newser 7-22-10


Relief Well Should Reach Wellhead by Weekend 7-21-10


RICO law made to combat Mafia used in BP lawsuits MSNBC 7-20-10


Cajuns Wonder If Gulf Spill Is Last Straw newser 7-19-10


Feds Alarmed by Gulf Seepage Newser 7-19-10


BP: Cap May Hold Til Well's Plugged  AP 7-18-10


House Panel Votes to Block New BP Drilling Newser 7-15-10


Valve Leak Delays Test of New Cap AP 7-15-10


BP: The Cap's On, Tests Under Way AP 7-14-10


Debate grows over impact of dispersed oil Nature 7 -11-10


BP starts to fit a tighter cap AP 7-11-10


First Rig Leaves Gulf Over Drill Ban Newser 7-10-10


BP: Spill May Be Fixed as Soon as July 27 Newser 7-9


Tar Balls Hit Battered Lake Pontchartrain Newser 7-7-10


Cleanup Tab Passes $3B AP 7-4-10


Expect Tar Balls in Miami, Fort Lauderdale Newser 7-3-10


Biologists find methane 'dead zones' around oil spill Guardian 6-31-10


SuperTanker to attempt to skim gulf Newswer 6-31


Hurricane Halts Gulf Cleanup - Some Cleaned Beaches Fouled Again Newser 6-30-10


From the DIE - Segments of casing were violently ejected upwards Washington Blog 6-29-10


Plan hatched to move turtle eggs from blighted beaches reuters 6-28-10


Oil Hits Mississippi, Governor Barbour changes pro oil tune Newser 6-26-10


“BP Journalists” and Their Greatest Propaganda Hits Columbia Journalism Review 6-24-10


Oil onslaught rolls ashore in Pensacola NBC 6-24-10 (video)


Judge Who Blocked Drill Ban Has Gulf Oil Investments Newser 6-22-10


Judge blocks gulf oil drilling ban Washington time 6-21-10


GOP strategists and  study committee protest holding BP accountable for cleanup Cap Times 6-21-10


BP, Transocean hire swarms of lobbyists Washington Post 6-21-10


Texas GOP Congressman apologies to BP for White House demand for cleanup CBS News 6-19-10


Text of Obama's speech from the Oval Office


Wall Street starts to bet on BP Defaulting Bloomberg 6-16-10


Oil-Spill Flow Estimate now up to 35000-60000 barrels a day Washington Post 6-16-10


Congressmen ask BP Chairman to resign CBS 6-16-10


Congressional Investigators lay blame on BP for blow out McClatchy Newspapers 6-15-10


BP and controlling the media  NY Times 6-15


Obama to speak from Oval Office on Gulf Spill 6-14


Swimming in the Gulf newser 6-10-10


Gulf Oil Spill could widen, worsen 'Dead Zone' Science Digest 6-9-10


Just Kill Oil Soaked Birds Newser 6-9-10


BP paper trail shows warning and safety short cuts


As Missteps Mount, So Does the Backlash WSJ 6-8-10


BP to have 2nd containment systems ready by mid-June Reuters 6-7- 10


BP Latest Control Efforts CNN video and text 6-5-10


Dying, dead marine wildlife paint morbid picture of Gulf Coast NYDailyNews 6-3-10


Obama on BP Washington Time 6-2-10


Another Plan from BP AP 6-1-10


BP Abandons Top Kill Newser 5-30-10


BP prepares for attempt at Top Kill 5-26-10 MSNBC Video


Article on the Cause from CBS 60 minutes 5-23-10


Latest on BP's efforts to stop the leak 5-25 News Daily


Louisiana Officials Threaten Action 5-24 Times Article


NOAA Oil Spill Trajectory Map 5-23 NOAA


Scientists Fault US Response in Assessing Oil Spill 5-20-10 Times article


Spill Enters Gulf Loop Current 5-20-10 Announcement from European Space Agency


NOAA Forecast 72 Hour Spill Trajectory Map 5-19-10


BP doubles estimate of oil siphoned from leak 5-18-10


Siphon efforts by BP  5-17-10


Lawyers Mass for Oil Spill work 5-17-10


Huge Oil Plumes found Deep Under Water 5-15-10


Update from News Daily on the Situation 5-14-10


Blog Reports from the scene at Nature.com

BP Releases Oil Gusher Video


NOAA Forecast for Extent of Oil Spread through 5/15/10

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