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  The Capitol Research Summit in Topeka is an annual event organized through collaborative efforts between three state universities – The University of Kansas, Wichita State University, Kansas State University, and the University of Kansas Medical Center. The main purpose of the summit is to provide an opportunity for selected graduate students to expose the State government and education officials, as well as the general public, to the quality of graduate research performed in the State of Kansas.

The students selected for this event are involved in research, including physical and natural sciences, engineering, sociology, history, and education; which provides a direct impact on the State of Kansas. As the Kansas Legislature extends support for basic research funding to these schools, the summit provides the researchers, in turn, an opportunity to present to the results of their investment.
11th Annual
Capitol Graduate Research Summit

Thursday 13th, February, 2014

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

2nd Floor of the Rotunda at the Capitol

 SW 10th & SW Jackson
Topeka, KS 66612

2013 Proclamation by the Governor for Graduate Student Research Week, February 13, 2013.

2013 CGRS winners: 

Kansas State University

Kelly Foster:  Bovine Viral Diarrhea virus transmission from persistently infected cattle to non-persistently infected cattle when commingled: An evaluation of serum neutralizing antibody titers

Feraidon Ataie:  Utilization of high lignin residue ash(hilra) in concrete materials


University of Kansas

Grifin Roberts: Integrated approach to algal biofuels:Overcoming challenges for new industry

Lei Shi: Mutlichannel sense-and-avoid radar for small uavs


University of Kansas Medical Center

Stephanie Bishop: A click chemistry-mediated approach to understanding surviving:Caspase-9 protein-protein interactions

Natalie Tarbutton & Alison Nuttle: Retrospective chat review of distress among cancer survivors


Wichita State University

Laina M. Burdiek: A normative study on wideband tympanometry and energy reflectance in human ears:Effectsof repetitive measurements

Jo Jardina: Are e-textbooks the educational tools of the future



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