Title: A qualitative assessment of the implementation of community policing on the Eastside

Citation: Mande, J. Mary. (1993). Dover, De: Delaware Statistical Analysis Center.

Keywords: Evaluative Studies, Community-Policing Programs, Stimulating Participation

This study qualitatively assesses the community policing components of the Eastside Substance Abuse Awareness Program (ESAAP), a comprehensive, community-based effort to reduce illicit drug activity in Wilmington. The data comes from Delaware’s Eastside neighborhood which included: interviews with project managers and participants; a review of relevant documents; and observation of the Eastside neighborhood and of Westside, a comparison community. Both police and community members have gained respect, and many residents have been mobilized to take responsibility for the activities and opportunities in their community. People in this neighborhood previously were isolated by fear and now feel safe enough to walk the streets. Community meetings are attended by as many as 85 people, including landlords who discuss their responsibility to the community. These and other daily successes become building blocks for future accomplishments. The ESAAP program has produced a reservoir of such successes, creating both human and material capital that promises continued positive change.