Title: An application of community policing strategies: the PRIDE Patrol in St. Petersburg

Citation: Davis, J. Goliath, Daly, C. Nancy, (1992). St. Petersburg Police Department, St. Petersburg, FL

Keywords: Evaluations of Community Policing, Community-Oriented Policing, Improved Citizen Perceptions

The study examines the PRIDE (Police and Residents Immobilizing a Dangerous
Environment) Patrol, in an inner city public housing complex. The St. Petersburg Florida Police Department employed this program in April 1990 in Jordan Park, an inner city public housing complex. Data were collected by a survey and interview from 71 Jordan Park residents before March 22-30, 1990 and after March 12-29, 1991 initiation of the Pride Patrol. Findings indicate that the PRIDE Patrol respondents reported improved perceptions of the police and decreased levels of fear and improved perceptions of quality life in their community. The crime data illustrated a 84% decrease in Part I crime within the Jordan Park Crime Tract from the end of the year proceeding the project to the end of the year following its initiation. Due to the success of the PRIDE patrol officers an increase in the number of community-based and problem-oriented policing units have been implemented in other areas of the city.