Title: Are You Really Doing Community Policing?

Citation: Stipak, Brian., Inmer, Susan., Clavadetscher, Maria. (1994 October). The Police Chief, 61, 115-123.

Keywords: Guidance for Community Policing, Implementation of Community Policing, Blueprint for Community Policing

The authors provide guidelines on how to make the transition from traditional policing toward community policing. The article first provides a blueprint or guide that administrators or management may use to implement community policing in their department. In addition, there is a guide for implementation and a self-assessment checklist that can measure to what degree community policing strategies have taken place in their departments. The authors suggest there are five major requirements that must be met for successful implementation of community policing. Those requirements include building partnerships with the community, building partnership with department, decentralizing decision-making, restructuring training and education, and going beyond 911. A final suggestion that is proposed in the article is to provide detail tracking of the officer’s activities. The goal of this detail tracking is to understand how outcomes of increased public safety is related to officer activities. The authors’ goal for this article is to transform a traditional police department into a department that promotes community safety. This is accomplished by working partnerships and interpersonal contact in the community.