Title: Community-Oriented Policing A Blend of Strategies

Citation: Walters, M. Paul. (1993, November). FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 62 (11), 29-23.

Keywords: Analyzing Tactics of Community-Oriented Policing, Blending Community-Oriented Policing and Traditional Policing

This article described a blending of traditional policing strategy with community-oriented policing and how to effectively implement such a plan. The author suggested police administrators begin this implementation process by first laying a foundation. With the foundation established, there must be cop strategies that respond to emergencies and crime related problems in the community. The author suggested that problem-oriented policing must be more attentive to possible causes of crime rather than simply dealing with a crime. Problem-oriented policing must be a proactive decentralized means of delivering police services. To effectively implement traditional policing and community-oriented policing the article suggested applying the differential police response tactic. Through applying this tactic and analyzing the demand patterns of the department from individuals in the community, police administrators and officers can develop alternatives to traditional policing practices that will improve the police services provided to the community.