Title: Broken Windows

Citation: Wilson, Q. James., Kelling L. George. (1982). The Atlantic Monthly, 1-11.

Keywords: Community Disorder, Maintaining Order, Crime Prevention

The article explains a theory that if an individual breaks a window of a building in a given neighborhood and its not quickly repaired, others will break additional windows. Eventually, the broken windows are a symbol that a sense of disorder exists in the area and this will attract criminals into the community who thrive in conditions of public apathy and neglect. Therefore, the authors suggest that untended behavior also leads to the breakdown of community control. A safe and stable neighborhood of families watch out for each other’s property, children, and don’t tolerate intruders in their communities. When a neighborhood feels that they no longer can regulate public behavior by informal controls, disorder can begin to flourish in a community. Once these community controls are no longer existing crime will begin to occur and the fear of crime will escalate.