Title: Citizen Involvement in the coproduction of police outputs

Citation: Frank, James., Brandl, G. Stephen., Worden, E. Robert. (1996). Journal of Crime and Justice, 19 (2), 1-30.

Keywords: Police Community Relations, Citizen Involvement, Attitudes of Citizens

The authors examined the determinants of coproduction, the process of binding together the hired producer (in this case, the police) and the consumer (the citizen). The authors’ particular emphasis is on the causal role of citizens’ attitudes toward the police. Data were drawn from 2 waves (N=571 in 1990; N=561 in 1991) of a 3-wave panel survey focusing on narcotics enforcement in a large Midwestern U.S. city. Findings indicated attitudes toward the police were not strongly or even moderately correlated with coproductive behaviors. Attitudes in most cases were not statistically significant determinants of citizens’ behavior toward law enforcement. This was especially true of attitudes concerning police actions involving the maintenance of order. The findings do not support a central presumption on which community policing is based. Even though community policing may lead to more favorable attitudes toward the police, these attitudes may not cause the residents to engage in behaviors that support or assist the police in the production of outputs.