Title: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Police Officers: An Assessment of Staff Perceptions of Community Policing in Chicago

Citation: Lurigio, J. Arthur., Skogan, G. Wesley. (1994, July). Crime and Delinquency, 40(3), 315-330.

Keywords: Perceptions of Community Policing, Opinions of Community Policing

The article assesses the officers’ perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of community policing. Before community policing can be successfully implemented in a community, there must be an assurance that the officers are responsible for the implementation process and must believe in community policing. The officers’ attitudes and beliefs must be changed from the traditional policing attitudes and behaviors to attitudes and behaviors that will accommodate community policing. The philosophy of the police department must be changed from a traditional policing philosophy into a community policing philosophy. The article examines the Chicago Police Department community policing program that became operational in March 1993 in five prototype districts. Prior to the beginning of this program, officers were surveyed for their perceptions on job satisfaction, their supervisors, and their general opinion on community policing. Findings indicate the officers surveyed felt ambivalent about community policing in Chicago.

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