Title: Community Policing in Small Town and Rural America

Citation: Weishiet, A. Ralph., Wells, Edward. L., Falcone, N. David. (1994, October). Crime & Delinquency, 40(4), 549-567.

Keywords: Transition of Rural Policing, Aspects of Rural Policing, Community Policing Potential

Literature on community policing generally focuses on urban and suburban departments, generally neglecting smaller or rural area departments. The focus of this study is on crime and policing in rural areas. The purpose of the study is to collect and review relevant literature, conduct focus groups with rural sheriffs, locate data sets relevant to rural crime, and interview local officials regarding rural crime and rural policing. It was found that rural departments long standing policing strategies fit well into community policing ideas. Specifically, rural departments concentrate efforts for community connections, general problem solving, and effectiveness. All these concepts are associated with community policing in urban and suburban areas. The authors’ findings indicate modern community policing ideas draw heavily upon the long-standing traditions of rural policing. The authors argue that an ideal type for community policing is presented by rural policing. Additional research should be able to identify what concepts and aspects of rural policing can apply to urban and suburban community policing.

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