Title: Community Policing Against Guns: Public Opinion Of The Kansas City Gun Experiment

Citation: Shaw, W. James. (1995). Justice Quarterly, 12(4), 695-710.

Keywords: Effect of Community Policing, Gun Experiment to Reduce Crime, Perceptions of Residents of High Gun Crime Area

The article is an exploration of the Kansas City gun experiment conducted by Sherman and Rogan. Sherman and Rogan believed if they focused on firearm recovery then gun crimes would decrease in the Kansas City area. The author of this article suggests that even though the experiment had great potential, if the community does not accept the method of reducing gun crime, this could cause adverse reactions in the community. Using a pre-post test quasi- experimental design, the author examines the community reactions to the police efforts to reduce gun crime. The author provides a variety of demographic characteristics and perceptions of the survey respondents. The findings indicated that the community was aware of the proactive police methods, the community generally supports the program, and the residents believe an improvement has taken place in the quality of life in the experimental neighborhood. Even though the study did not address the perceptions of the individuals stopped by the police in the target area, Sherman and Rogan suggest that residents of the target area welcomed intensive police efforts in their communities.