Title: Community-oriented policing: success insurance strategies

Citation: Aragon, Randall., Adams, E. Richard. (December, 1997). FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, v. 66 8-17.

Keywords: Transition to Community Policing, Implementation, Total Quality Management

The authors discuss community-oriented policing and the need for planning so those law enforcement agencies can overcome obstacles that invariably arise when organizational changes take place in the transition from traditional to community policing. Careful and correct planning of implementing community policing can assist law enforcement agencies and communities reap the benefits that are associated from community policing. The article provides an example of the shift to COP by the Whiteville, North Carolina, Police Department (WPD). The key to a successful adoption of COP was the positive organizational culture created in the WPD through the implementation of Total Quality Management principles and other techniques. Moreover, two WPD officers introduced community policing in one inner-city neighborhood. This approach allowed the WPD to integrate community policing successfully throughout the department and the city. The article concludes with a lesson on how WPD learned from the exercise and how it complied these into COP Success Insurance Strategies in their agency and community.