Title: POP in Fresno: Effective Problem-Solving Techniques

Citation: West, Marty. (1995, March). The Police Chief, 62(3), 37-43.

Keywords: Implementation of Problem Solving, Tactics for Reducing Crime, Meaningful Partnerships

The Fresno Police Department (FDP) is slowly beginning to adopt problem-oriented policing (POP) as a step to move away from the traditional policing model.

This POP philosophy focuses on the underlying cause and conditions that lead to calls for service from the police. In September 1992 the FDP implemented this operating philosophy within its Central Policing Area. Initial efforts show that POP decreased Part I offenses by 5.6 percent and property crimes by 17 percent. According to the author POP was recently expanded into all five areas in the city. There is also a discussion of the four strategies that are necessary for success. These strategies for success involved non-conventional tactics, community involvement, planned involvement, and public and private partnerships. The author suggests involvement of agencies outside of policing in problem solving can often result in quick resolutions of community problems.