Title: "Operation CLEAN: reclaiming city neighborhoods."

Citation: Halter, Richard W. (1990) FBI LawEnforcement Bulletin, 59 (10): 22-25.

Keywords: Neighborhood Initiatives, Cooperation of Municipal Departments, Community Restoration

This article explains the goal of Dallas, TX Police Department’s 7-phase Operation CLEAN and their attempt to return control of neighborhoods to law-abiding residents who had been forced to surrender their communities to drug dealers. With cooperation from several of the municipal departments (police, fire, streets and sanitation, housing and neighborhood services departments, and the attorney’s office) the operation’s components and certain criteria were developed before each targeted neighborhood could be accepted into the program. This 6 week operation CLEAN which has been followed by several other operation projects, initiated on March 11, 1989 in a 6- square block neighborhood, resulted in: (1) a reduction of calls for service of 40%; (2) a 71% reduction in crime index offenses; (3) a clearing by the streets and sanitation department of 6.4 miles of alleyways and streets; (4) an inspection of by the fire department of 95 locations, with actions taken on 159 violations; (5) the parks were reopened, with staff provided for recreational activities; (6) the creation of a Citizen Watch Program. With the execution of 14 search warrants in the third phase of the program, 630 packets of crack and 76 packets of marijuana were seized, and several weapons were confiscated. During phase 4 of the project, 289 arrests were made and 200 traffic citations were issued. An additional 106 arrests were made during phase 5, and 39 arrests were made in phase 6.