Title: Community Policing in Chicago: Year Two

Citation: Skogan, G. Wesley. (October, 1995). NIJ Research Preview, Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice

Keywords: Advisory Committees, Evaluations of Policing Strategies, Community Partnerships

This article provides insight into Chicago’s Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) which was field tested in five selected districts before implemented on a citywide basis. The program was initiated to increase responsiveness and effectiveness of police problem solving and seeking solutions to neighborhood problems. Evaluations were conducted by gathering information from surveys of neighborhood residents and interviews of all officers in the Chicago Police Department. Findings indicate a decrease in disorder and crime; citizens had a positive attitude toward police; police managers were much more optimistic about the impact of CAPS. Research also found an advisory committee with strong leadership, realistic goals, and specific views were much more effective than divided citizen committees. Other topics discussed in the article are beat meetings, partnerships in action, involvement of community organizations, and other prototypes for community involvement.