Title: The Effects of Organizational Structure on Community Policing A Comparison of Two Cities.

Citation: Wilkinson, L. Deanna., Rosenbaum, P. Dennis. (1994). The Effects Of Organizational Structure on Community Policing A Comparision of Two Cities, P. 110-126 in D.P. Rosenbaum, ed. The Challenge of Community Policing: Testing the Promise. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Keywords: Implementation of Community Policing, Organizational Structure, Problem-Solving Demonstration

This chapter describes two cities in Illinois implementation and development of community policing programs, which were made possible by sizable grants. The authors’ evaluation of these demonstration programs specifically examines the planning and implementation process during the first year and how police personnel received these changes. The two cities of Aurora and Joliet were to develop and implement community policing strategies in their communities. With the assistance of The University of Illinois at Chicago these two cities programs were documented by outside researchers. This was a unique opportunity to observe two similar community policing plans in two settings where many variables were held constant and key organizational factors varied.